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Another Queen Bee is born, The Busy Queen Bee Maroc

Well, this year has been full of surprises, you may have remembered I went to Casablanca in April to attend the Retail and Franchise Forum where I was exhibiting and speaking. It was an amazing event and I discovered a city full of excitement and opportunities. My intentions were to obviously find a new

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Can Mystery Shopping increase your Sales figures?

Have you noticed the main recurring question that every business has in mind, 'how do we increase our sales?' It is a common question posed to Mystery Shopping Companies, how will conducting Mystery Audits help my business to achieve higher sales figure? A majority of companies prefer to throw money on expensive advertising or

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Start with your employees’ journey

So, we always talk about the Customer Experience and how understanding the customer journey will improve its experience with your company. BUT before you try to understand the customer experience, you first MUST develop your employees’ journey. Do you know that only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work, according to Gallup's new

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Challenges faced by Mystery Shoppers

The biggest challenge a mystery shopper faces is being identified as a mystery shopper. This can happen when you are doing the same shops over and over again, it’s quite possible that either your accent or the way you shop kind of gives it away. Another hesitation in mind is whether to share with

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Mystery Shopping: Objective Versus Subjective

I have seen Mystery Shopping schedulers posting jobs with emphasis on ‘no narratives required’ or ‘just one narrative’, to attract Mystery Shoppers. Narratives form the most 'boring' part of the evaluation forms. Many shoppers avoid signing up for shops that require lengthy narratives. Everybody wants quick and easy forms. As mystery shoppers, we all

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While most mystery shopping companies and job boards are legitimate, you must be always aware and alert about scams in this area. I would like to share a scam incident that happened to me a year ago. I received a cashier's check of $1740 from Bloomington Crane Inc, Indianapolis (as shown in the picture). The cashier's check

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Being a Mystery Shopper is a skilled Job…

To attract Mystery Shoppers, many Mystery Shopping companies advertisements say things like: ‘get paid to shop' or ‘a really easy job- you just have to do an inquiry' or ‘get paid for only 15 minutes on-site'. Having been a Mystery Shopper and  in my initial days I got carried away by those headlines of

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A new Queen is born…

One night, last August, I received a call out of the bleu from a lady with an india accent, saying she found me on the web and wanted to have more details about the Mystery Shopping and Customer Experience Franchise Opportunity I was offering. Well, 4 months later, that particular lady, loved my offer

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10 Steps to buying a Franchise Business, Step 10 – The Launch

10 Steps to buying a Franchise Business, Step 10 - The Launch The hive behaves like a miniature but incredibly successful business; it is an inspirational, ever-present reminder of the natural possibilities of organisational excellence where the queen bee raises the standards, promoting a positive culture with a strong leadership, knowing that each individual

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10 Steps to buying a Franchise Business, Step 9 – Training

The life of a honeybee is mostly a predictable one: young bees, called house bees, do the hive chores, feeding the brood, cleaning and repairing cells. They grow up to become a nurse, helping to feed the larvae in the hive and caring for the queen. Some guard the hive to keep out raiders

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