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While most mystery shopping companies and job boards are legitimate, you must be always aware and alert about scams in this area. I would like to share a scam incident that happened to me a year ago. I received a cashier's check of $1740 from Bloomington Crane Inc, Indianapolis (as shown in the picture). The cashier's check

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Delivering Exceptional Customer Service

A smile and a welcome are simply not enough to be considered ‘good customer service’ in today’s competitive retail industry. Why? Because your customers expect to do anything they want, from anywhere and at any time. If you are passionate about your business and want to run a thriving business for next 5, 10, 20

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A new Queen is born…

One night, last August, I received a call out of the bleu from a lady with an india accent, saying she found me on the web and wanted to have more details about the Mystery Shopping and Customer Experience Franchise Opportunity I was offering. Well, 4 months later, that particular lady, loved my offer

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10 Steps to buying a Franchise Business, Step 10 – The Launch

10 Steps to buying a Franchise Business, Step 10 - The Launch The hive behaves like a miniature but incredibly successful business; it is an inspirational, ever-present reminder of the natural possibilities of organisational excellence where the queen bee raises the standards, promoting a positive culture with a strong leadership, knowing that each individual

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10 Steps to buying a Franchise Business, Step 9 – Training

The life of a honeybee is mostly a predictable one: young bees, called house bees, do the hive chores, feeding the brood, cleaning and repairing cells. They grow up to become a nurse, helping to feed the larvae in the hive and caring for the queen. Some guard the hive to keep out raiders

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10 Steps to buying a Franchise Business, Step 8 – Time to sign the Franchise Agreement

Bees avoid decision-making pitfalls by considering several options, but they make fast and effective decisions in order to react to opportunities. Businesses need to evaluate, respond and act taking in new information put it into good use, and modify or eliminate ineffective ones. That’s it, it’s time to take that big leap of faith, not

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10 Steps to buying a Franchise Business, Step 7 – Decision Time

You see for all of the honeybees’ wonderful abilities, they would not succeed if they failed to have the right proportion of workers deployed in the right jobs, or if they failed to mobilise them quickly. The bee’s highly decentralized form of government allows the workers who are closest to the information to act upon


£10,800 - Keep the number in mind, we’ll come back to it shortly. We’re creatures of habit, we have habits that we follow every day. Wake up, get out of bed, bathroom, shower, breakfast, get dressed, go to work. You did it this morning, probably the same way you did it last week and more

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10 Steps to buying a Franchise Business, Step 6 – Visit the Franchisor

In the Beehive everyone trusts each other, everyone has their role to play and they rely on each other to complete their jobs in the right order and the right time for the higher mission of the colony. The definition of a colony is a group of people of one nationality or ethnic group living

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10 Steps to buying a Franchise Business, Step 5 – Due Diligence

Honeybees’ basic strategy is to maximise return over a broad geographic area and extended time horizon. Bees have to assess their environment at all times and be prepared to adapt depending on the weather conditions, the time of the year, the type of flowers and the competition for nectar with birds and other insects. Bees

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