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Speed Buzzing is a business networking event which will help you to really connect, then build and nurture relationships, with the right people.

We all want to belong to a tribe and hang out with people we care about. We strive to connect with like-minded people who want to experience and talk about the same things, and the best way to make new connections is by Networking.

Networking is all about how seemingly minor connections or conversations with one person may be discussed across the network and end in a connection later in the process. You never know to whom you are talking. You never know whom it is that your new connection knows; he or she could provide you with future referrals. Most importantly, you may be connecting with someone who becomes a member of your tribe and helps your business to grow.

Speed Buzzing will help you build a trustworthy tribe around you, to grow your business by growing your local network; from lead generation, to breaking down barriers or developing future collaborations.

Have the buzz for it, watch this Speed Filming produced by Freedom Media.


Because time is precious, Speed Buzzing enable businesses to network and connect with 19 other businesses in 60 minutes during a meaningful and structured networking event.


Speed buzzing is a fun, energetic and dynamic way to help businesses building a wider network, developing a strong referral base which is all about developing relationships with a variety of people, even when it seems you have nothing in common to start with, and create a successful word-of-mouth-based business.


Each event caters for a maximum of 20 people to ensure that each attendee has an opportunity to meet all members of the group. The best way to describe it is as ‘speed dating’ but instead of narrowing down the options and picking ‘the one’, you will broaden your connections by increasing your exposure and gaining an extended web of business contacts.

There’s a 15 minute introduction, followed by an hour of Speed Buzzing and an additional 15 minutes of networking before the event comes to a close, and you will no doubt get you buzzing.

How Much

£15.00 per person including a complimentary drink

What Speed Buzzers think

“Well done for organising such a great event, it is just what the local business community needs. It is good to see that people are still keen to network and to make new contacts, particularly when it is done in such a fun way. Thoroughly enjoyable event and I even made some new contacts with people that I would not ordinarily have come into contact with. Can’t wait for the next event.”

Jo Gavey

Associate, Accounting & Business Services Moore Stephens.

“Recently attended the speed buzzing event & it went great! Felt a great achievement in making contact with 19 different companies over one hour. Word of mouth is by far the best way to communicate about your business & any changes that are taking place. The 2 minutes you have give’s you that opportunity to speak to so many people in such a short space of time. Fanatic idea! We will be at the next event as we enjoyed it so much.”

Claire Kelly

Revenue Manager, L'Horizon Hotel Hotel & Spa

“I recently attended a Speed Buzzing event, which was absolutely fantastic. It’s a great way to network in a casual, fun setting and I came away feeling energised and ‘buzzing’. It also gives you a real opportunity to sell and discuss your business and make valuable contacts.”

Christina Guille

Head of Operations., Source Recruitment Specialists Lt

‘This was my first speed buzzing event organised by The Busy Queen Bee and it was great to meet new people from both islands and catch up with others who I had not seen for a while. Within 24 hours, I had already exchanged emails and connected online with new contacts. It’s a little longer than other speed networking events I have been to but it does mean you get to speak to everyone and having tables and chairs adds to the comfort.’

Katrina Bray

PR Director, Liquid

“The event was fun, friendly and a great way to super-charge your contact list. I left with one immediate lead, three meetings in the diary and many insights into how to do business well in Jersey”.

Dr Jeremy Cross

Bailiwick Consulting

LICENCE Speed Buzzing

Run your own Speed Buzzing events in your community.

Become a Busy Bee and get your local businesses to network and grow their visibility, it’s a chance for you to take on the licence and run the events as your own, with the know-how, branding and training from The Busy Queen Bee.

Let ‘s get you buzzing.

Contact The Busy Queen Bee for more details 

Internal Speed Buzzing

Bring Speed Buzzing in your business,

Get your internal customers to connect, get to know each other better, or give them an objective to achieve.

Internal Speed Buzzing is the perfect team building exercise, it’s fun, fast and will certainly get your team Buzzing…

Call moi for more details 07797 828950

The Speed Buzzing sessions that I have attended with The Busy Queen have been incredible and a fantastic opening to meet new contacts. I have made some incredible new connections and I would absolutely advise to anyone to attend, you are made to feel so welcome. I loved this concept so much, that we now use this concept within Lloyds Community Bank Jersey to engage with other colleagues, of course with the help of The Busy Queen Bee…..

Jason Lewis

Business Development Manager

Upcoming Speed Buzzing Events

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