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Sharing my feminine energy, passion, creativity and know-how when it comes to delivering exceptional customer service, helping you to build trustworthy tribes around you, and showing ways to buzz so you can thrive in your business and your life.

You have four types of Speakers:

  • Informational speakers; school teacher not inspiring just giving information
  • Motivational speakers; give you external motivation, jump start you (but may fizzle out)
  • Inspirational speakers; go inside your soul to move you, inspire you and touch you
  • Transformational speakers; they will get you to say the things you don’t want to say and transform you, they are committed to change you

But only you can make that step and decision to change, so what I want to do is be your Buzzational Speaker to share my passion, enthusiasm and know-how when it comes to delivering the best possible service, helping you to build trustworthy tribes around you, and showing ways to buzz so you can thrive in your life and hive.

Three BUZZATIONAL topics

“Bee” inspired to deliver a exceptional customer service

Looking after your internal and external customers is the key to a thriving business:

    • Does your customers buy from you once and you never see them again?
    • Is the online competition reducing the footfall in your business?
    • Recruitment costs are rising but do you find that your employees leave you after a few weeks?
    • Do you sometimes feel as if you are back in the school playground and constantly dealing with internal communication issues?
    • Do you know if all departments in your business deliver exceptional customer service consistently?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions then I am here to provide you with insight into the secret of success: a Service Culture; looking after your internal and external customers is key to a thriving business. From mapping the customer journey to training and measuring your customers’ satisfaction, I will show you how to be successful by following my 10 simple business tips for success to follow in order to deliver exceptional customer service.

I use the powerful analogy from nature, by describing the work of the humble bee and its ultra efficient work ethic. I will inspiring you to thrive and increase your sales by consistently delivering exceptional customer service, putting the customer at the heart of everything you do; creating customer loyalty, improving employee engagement and “BEE”ing totally Customer Centric.

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“Bee” busy building your tribe

Building a diverse network and making mutually beneficial connections doesn’t happen overnight. Claire will provide you with techniques to help connect and nurture your professional relationships in order to drive your business forward

  • Do you wonder how networking could help your business?
  • Is your lack of confidence in networking events severely limiting you?
  • Can you describe what do you do in less than 10 words?

Building a diverse network and making mutually beneficial connections doesn’t happen overnight. You’ll need to be prepared to invest your time in order to get the best results.

I will share my passion for networking whether face-to-face or through social media. I will also provide you with techniques to help you connect and nurture relationships, which will allow you to build your tribe and thrive in growing your visibility.

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“Bee” the Director of your own hive

I will share challenges I have faced as a single mum of two, running my own business, and how I overcame these obstacles to achieve the balance that now exists in her very successful personal and professional life.

  • Have you ever wondered what is your real purpose in life?
  • Can you tell me why you do what you do?
  • Are you struggling to manage your time juggling work and family life?

Being a mum of two and a running my own business, I have nurtured my family and my company over the last few years. I have experienced managing deadlines and preparing dinner. I don’t believe that I am superwoman, but I did have a great business idea and the determination to see it through.

Six years on, I want to share her experience and passion to inspire like-minded individuals to do the same. I will share the challenges I have faced and how I overcame them to achieve the balance and harmony that exists in my busy bee life and hive.

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En Français

En Francais ou en Anglais, si vous organisez une convention, une conférence ou recherché à motiver vos employés; ma grande expérience dans le domaine de la relation client et le développement de la Culture Service, vous animera votre journée et vous donnera le Buzz dont vous avez besoin.

What they say

Claire has spoken at several regional and international events including:

– Networking Masterclass, Jersey, June 2015
– European MSPA Conference, Riga, May 2015
– The Jersey Chamber of Commerce Breakfast, Jersey, November 2014
– The Whiteley Association, Jersey, October 2014
– 745 Breakfast Club, Speed Buzzing, Jersey, October 2014
– The Customer Service Awards Seminar, Jersey, September 2014
– The CI Change summer event, Jersey, July 2014
– European MSPA Conference, Athen, May 2014
– Women Institute (WI St Helier), Jersey, April 2013
– 745 Breakfast Club, Jersey, February 2012
– RBS International, Jersey, October 2011
– Institute of Directors lunch, Jersey, May 2010

We organised The Customer Service seminar in September 2014, a month before the Customer Service Awards and a stellar line-up of speakers told the engaged audience of their professional experiences with customer service.

Over 50 delegates attended and feedback was highly positive. One delegate commented that Claire Boscq-Scott’s presentation, which took us ’round the word’ was a bright and positive presentation, with real impact, and it set the scene for the event as a whole.

Claire Boscq-Scott is an excellent and passionate speaker who is well informed, helpful and insightful. It is doubtless that these qualities made her a winner for the IoD Director of the Year Award in 2014 and a sought after speaker on “customer service”.

ciChange is a not-for-profit forum for ideas and discussion, about all aspects of Change Management, including people, processes, teams and leadership. We were delighted when Claire Boscq-Scott accepted our invitation to speak at one of our Breakfast Briefings.

The presentation was well received with much audience participation and good feedback. I would be delighted to recommend Claire Boscq-Scott as a speaker on “customer service”.

Tim Rogers, Founder/Curator,
A few months ago Claire Boscq-Scott used her personal experience to guide a group of Whiteley Members through the pros and cons of using Social Media for work. Many of the members were very sceptical of the value of Twitter, Facebook and other programmes but by showing how to actually get involved and by allaying the fears of the ladies about security and other issues a number of new twitter feeds started that evening. The calm and clear way in which Claire directed the novices in the art of a “tweet” or a “post” was instrumental in getting the ladies started.

The evening was a great success and proved that in a safe and friendly environment the fear of appearing a techno dunce could be overcome and many of the members admitted afterwards that they would consider using one of the methods more actively in the future.

Martha Bernstein, Whiteley Association, The Senior Professional and Business Women’s Organisation
Claire a fait une intervention remarquée à la Conférence annuelle de MSPA Europe : non seulement le contenu de ses propos était original et intéressant, mais son charisme et ses qualités d’animatrice ont su captiver un auditoire de professionnels exigeants.
Alain DUBREUIL, Governor, MSPA Europe
“Claire’s Networking Masterclass was really insightful. As someone fairly confident with networking there was so much more to consider than I had first thought. Thanks to Claire’s talk, I will be far more prepared for the next networking opportunity that comes my way”
“Claire is electrifying public speaker. Her passion for the subject matter is infectious. In just 20 minutes, my event attendees gained a fresh perspective on how to network successfully, they learned about effective communication and customer satisfaction. I highly recommend Claire and her magnetic approach.

Nikolett Jones, International Health and Lifestyle Coach, Host of Love List Circle Wellness Events.

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