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Measuring Customer Service and Satisfaction

Measuring your customer service tells you where you are now and how you can differentiate yourself and stand out from the competition. This important benchmark helps you to set your strategy going forward.

That’s why we use Mystery Shopping to evaluate and measure your current level of customer service.


Because you can’t manage what you don’t measure. Mystery Shopping will give you an objective view of the service you and your employees provide to your customers.

David Elliott, Business Development Director at Voisins Department Store, tell you why businesses need to measure their services.


By evaluating, measuring and reporting of customer service standards using a specially trained agents acting as if they were customers.

Retail stores, hotels, restaurants, theatres, property management companies and automobile dealers are amongst the many organisations that employ mystery shoppers to help evaluate and improve their customer service.


Improved customer service is one way to increase profitability. Repeat business is a key profit-maker by saving on unnecessary expenditure such as advertising.

Mystery Shopping:

  • delivers a cost-effective method of monitoring your customer service standards
  • is an efficient way of identifying staff in need of further training
  • produces a regular summary of strengths and weaknesses which can become your action plan
  • an effective deterrent against dishonesty, poor service or bad practice
  • is a way of identifying retail outlets which are under-performing
  • should be used as part of employees’ yearly appraisal
  • will increase employees’ wellbeing by celebrating success

Mystery shopping is the key to keep companies informed and can identify improvements or any necessary changes required for a more positive customer experience.

What next

Specializing in Customer Service, we will help you achieve your business goals and marketing objectives.

Our full service management programme combines both Mystery Shopping service with Audit Services, its approach has been developed to help make a lasting and sustainable business improvement.

We will work with you and your team to analyse the Mystery Shopping results, understand your gaps and help you create realistic and SMART objectives.

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Retail Shopping

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We work both as an advisor and in a hands-on role – informing, influencing, inspiring you to deliver exceptional customer service.

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Retail Shopping


Retail Shopping
We are delighted with the mystery shopper programme that Claire Boscq-Scott delivers for us. Through the last 4 years, Claire and her team have delivered some excellent results, the monthly mystery visits are very motivational for the staff, and we have put in place a programme of rewards at the end of each month to encourage the whole team to provide Excellent Customer Service at all time. The whole process has taken us to the next level, and even helped, I believe, towards winning the 2012 Jersey Enterprise Award.
Stephen Clipp, The Inn Jersey
Claire has provided mystery shopping services to us since 2012. Having frequent and independent measurement of our service levels has contributed to significant improvement to customer service at Jersey Post. Her passion and entrepreneurial spirit has rightly made her the Queen Bee of customer service in Jersey, I hope she gets appropriate recognition for this important work.
Kevin Keen, Chief Executive Officer, Jersey Post
Key to offering the best customer service possible, the benefits of The Busy Queen Bee have been clear to see for Jersey Pearl over the last few years.
Invaluable in terms of seeing how our brand is viewed through the eyes of our customer. The mystery shopper experience has allowed us to make small adjustments and develop ideas to ensure we are always driving our business forward while consisting the needs and wishes of our customers.

The team at The Busy Queen Bee are always prompt to respond with advice or answer questions.

Overall, a highly recommended service in Jersey.

Lucy Buckland, Manager, Jersey Pearl
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