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Bee to Bee customer service consultant

Welcome to my “Bee” to “Bee” customer service consultancy service.


My passion is to help businesses to thrive by delivering Buzzworthy customer service. Following my “customer service waggle dance”, as describe in my book Thrive with The Hive, we will look at the 10 buzzing steps you should follow to become a successful customer centric business.

The waggle dance


Working alongside you and your management team, we will define your strategic direction for customer support. After analyzing your current customer service processes, I will help you realign your customer service staff and technology to your strategic goals. These efforts will lead to increased customer satisfaction, cost efficiencies and optimized staffing; ultimately giving your internal customers the tools to deliver to your external customers exceptional services.

What tools do we use?

Customer Experience

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Mystery Shopping

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Cust. Service Training

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Customer Insight

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Cust. Service Support

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Healthy Beehive

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How much

Prices range from £298 for the first two-hours consultation


Contact moi on 07797 828950 for more details or email:

“The Customer Journey Audit that Claire carried out for us incredibly beneficial. We all think we know our business inside out, but after just a limited amount time spent in the store Claire offered us insights into our customer demographic and behaviour that we had not previously thought of. Listening to Claire’s recommendations and observations has focused our activity and given us a real insight into how our customers feel. Immediately following the feedback meeting that took place just after the audit we decided to make substantial changes to the layout, feel and display inside the store.”
Charlotte Dickson, Business Development Manager, Holme Grown
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