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Thrive with the Hive – Buzz 2 Develop

BUZZ 2 Develop is the an extract from Thrive with The Hive, and will talk to you about every move you make is a step closer to exceeding your customers expectations. You must develop buzzworthy standards by always finding ways to buzz, delighting your customers and creating exceptional customer experience.


Thrive with the Hive: 10 simple steps to follow to consistently deliver exceptional customer service, putting the internal and external customers at the heart of everything we do.

Developing your own standards: Why?

Hotels have to follow standards, not everyone wants to be a five, six or seven-star hotel but you all want to know where you are, what you want to deliver.

So why shouldn’t you? How can you expect your employees to deliver a service when they don’t know what is expected of them and how they are benchmarked?

You need to set your own standard, you may be a shoe shop or a Michelin-starred restaurant, what experience do you want your customers to have when they come to you? And at what level do you want your employees to deliver that experience.

Ever faster change, greater customer choice and channel proliferation are realities every business faces today. In this still challenging time, developing an excellent customer experience programme is more crucial than ever; businesses need to focus their attention across multiple touch-points to enable them to build loyalty and grow their profit.

To achieve this, you need to understand your customers’ behaviour, experience and emotions. The ‘customer journey’ is associated primarily with the physical interactions (behaviour) – contact strategy and reducing customer effort – whereas the ‘customer experience’ is a concept that deals primarily with how customers feel with ‘delighting customers’ and creating distinct experiences.


Developing your own standards: How?

Successful companies that provide excellent customer service clearly define the service standards that are essential for business success.

Service standards serve two purposes:

* First, they are a powerful force for shaping the image that your customers have of you.

* Second, they are a great tool for measuring how well each employee in your business meets the levels of service, which are essential for your business success.

There are seven criteria for developing standards, according to Leland & Bailey, (1995).

According to these experts, standards should be specific:

* Concise

* Measurable

* Based on customer requirements

* Written into job descriptions

* Performance reviews

* Jointly created with employees

* Enforced throughout the organization

Customer-centric businesses don’t let their customers wander in search of information or help; instead, they provide customer experience excellence. They guide their customers through a carefully planned series of interactions called a customer journey. A customer journey comprises experiences which are, in turn, made up of touch points — human, physical, sensory or communication, either in person or virtual — and which are influenced by factors like price, convenience and location.

Adam Richardson, writing on Harvard Business Review’s Blog Network, explains how to use Customer Journey Maps to improve the customer experience. His customer journey timeline looks like this:

Engage –> Buy –> Use –> Share –> Complete

Knowing what happens at each stage, as well as answering the questions posed along the way by conducting in-depth customer research, will result in the most complete Customer Journey Map.

Creating competitive advantage through customer advocacy and employees’ engagement will inevitably increase your profits.

Can you see where I am getting?

Can you start thinking of your standards and what they should be like?

SPECIAL MAY OFFER – Developing your customer service standards

Customer Experience is at the core of understanding high quality customer service. I can provide an array of performance improvement services which are cost effective, measurable and which deliver results.

Typically customer journey change is driven by internal considerations that reduce customer effort and improve service quality which will increase sales, reduce costs and employees’ job satisfaction; in other words responding to an internal view of what customers want.

I will help you understand your Customer Journey, create ways to buzz and get your customers buzzing and set your own Buzzing Customer Service Standards.

“The Customer Journey Audit that Claire carried out for us incredibly beneficial. We all think we know our business inside out, but after just a limited amount time spent in the store Claire offered us insights into our customer demographic and behaviour that we had not previously thought of. Listening to Claire’s recommendations and observations has focused our activity and given us a real insight into how our customers feel. Immediately following the feedback meeting that took place just after the audit we decided to make substantial changes to the layout, feel and display inside the store.”
Charlotte Dickson, Business Development Manager, Holme Grown
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