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High energy networking for people that don’t like networking events!

We all want to belong to a tribe and hang out with people we care about. We strive to connect with like-minded people who want to experience and talk about the same things, and the best way to make new connections is by Networking. But some people really don’t like going to networking events, walking into a room full of people already deep in conversation, how do you join in? How do you pick the right people to speak to? How do you end the conversation?

Speed Buzzing takes all these worries away. You join up to 19 other businesses around a table and each get 2 minutes to talk about what you do and how you do it, after 2 minutes the Buzzer rings and you move on. It’s as simple as that, no stress, no worries about how to start a conversation (or end it), and best of all if fast paced and high energy.

Networking is all about how seemingly minor connections or conversations with one person may be discussed across the network and end in a connection later in the process. You never know to whom you are talking. You never know whom it is that your new connection knows; he or she could provide you with future referrals. Most importantly, you may be connecting with someone who becomes a member of your tribe and helps your business to grow.

So don’t be shy, unleash the bee in you and get buzzing.


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