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Welcome to The Busy Queen Bee Mumbai

According to a Walker study, by the year 2020, 86% of customers will pay more for a better customer experience…

A smile and a welcome are simply not enough to be considered ‘good customer service’ in today’s competitive world. Companies can no longer differentiate themselves by a common good service and unless they want to be in a commoditized business, they will be compelled to upgrade their offerings to the next stage of “Experience Economy”.

We are entering a new era, it is the time to start evolving into the next phase of higher consciousness, where businesses must be accountable for their people and their environment, time for action, time to make the necessary changes in your business today!

We bespoke our services to your exact needs, the beauty of working with us is that we can offer the full range of Customer Service services, from market research to training, we have a holistic approach to customer service, so you won’t have to find 5 service providers, we will hold your hand all the way in your customer experience journey, building strong rapport, understanding of your companies needs and driving change towards achieving a real Service Culture.

Our business values

  • “Bee”ing trustworthy
  • “Bee”ing radiant
  • “Bee”ing inventive
  • “Bee”ing diligent
  • “Bee”ing of service


Call me today + 91 998 780 8078

Who am I?

Hi, I am Aarti, I have been working as a Customer Service Evaluator and Auditor, in the USA since March 2014. I have done several evaluations and audits in the following areas, retail banking, hardware, restaurant, gyms and fitness centres, electronic shops, automotive onsite as well as phone and web Evaluations. I am also a Silver Certified MSPA member.

I am the author of a book on Mystery Shopping, ‘Mystery Shopping – Get Paid Without Paying Anything.’

I have worked as a Volunteer at the Singapore Science Center for about a year from April 2008 to May 2009, am a postgraduate with a doctorate in Applied Biology. In the past, I worked for 6 years in the pharmaceutical industry, in India.

I am married, with a gorgeous family and a lovely dog in the US, living in  Connecticut, USA half the year and Mumbai, India the other half, I love both countries so much and I am super excited to be starting my own Franchise Business with The Busy Queen Bee Mumbai.

What do I do?

If your business is based in Mumbai, we would love to inspire you to thrive by delivering exceptional services consistently and increasing your visibility by building relationships locally.

How we see things and how our customers and our staff see things can be entirely different. A vital component in optimum customer service is having empathy for the various points of view of ALL stakeholders involved in the business. We must assess the perspective of both our employees and customers to be able to see the bigger picture of where we should be headed in terms of delivering an optimum customer experience. It is only when you look after your employees first, that they can look after your customers, during, before and after, then you can truly deliver excellent customer service at all levels.

Ultimately, by delivering exceptional customer service consistently, not only will you “bee” a thriving business, but the local economy will be thriving too, it can only be a good thing!!

Call me, Aarti, today for a FREE consultation + 91 998 780 8078

or email us:

How do I do it?

We bring a more feminine energy into your business. Where businesses nowadays have a very strong yang energy, because they want to be running efficient, productive, and profitable businesses, however pushing, driving, demanding from your workforce constant results with too much emphasis on productivity will kill your brand and reputation.

You must bring a more Yin energy into your businesses, you must be more compassionate by better communication, caring, supporting and engaging with your employees.

We will also help you nurturing, valuing and guiding your customers through their journey in a creative and inspiring way at an emotional level, ultimately building a sustainable service culture.

We will be applying the Yin and Yang principles in your business to help you monitor, improve and drive change in your Customer Service delivery.


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Become a Mystery Shopper

Become a Mystery Shopper and help your local businesses deliver exceptional customer service. Measuring customer service tells a business you where they are now and how they can differentiate yourself and stand out from the competition. This important benchmark helps businesses to set business strategy going forward.

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