Ensuring a high standard of care is essential for any hospital or healthcare facility. The Busy Queen Bee will help you assess and improve your quality standards through our discreet, non-invasive healthcare check-up programmes. Our Medical Mystery Patient programmes will be tailored to your needs and help your organisation retain current patients, impress new ones and even protect your facility against potential legal issues.


Our Medical Mystery Patient Programme will help you better understand your patient’s perspective and improve your patient satisfaction scores. It will have a vital role to play in fuelling innovation, improving quality, and keeping the health service at the forefront of patient care.


Mystery Shoppers pose as normal patients or as a patient friends or family members to gather information and asses the quality of the service experiences at every touch point in your facilities.

Our mystery shoppers do not assess any clinical skills. They are there to document the patient experience so that the client can better understand the feelings associated at critical points of the encounter. For example, during a patient visit, all staff will be assessed but only about non-clinical issues.


Patient Experience is at the core of understanding high quality patient service. We provide a selection of serviceswhich are cost effective, measurable and which deliver results.

To assess where you are with your patient experience we recommend some methods to benchmark your services;

1. Medical Mystery Patient’s visit will assess:

  • Staff Interaction
  • Cleanliness
  • Maintenance
  • Service Levels in the public areas
  • Quality assurance audits of patient rooms and examination areas
  • Overall experience

2. Phone audits:

  • Appointment access
  • Employee product knowledge
  • Empathy and caring of staff

3. Patient satisfaction surveys:

  • Communication and responsiveness to requests
  • Environmental situations such as noise, privacy,temperature and cleanliness issues
  • Adherence data protection and patient confidentiality
  • Interactions between staff and physicians

Identifying Gaps

The Mystery Patient will provide you with essential information to help you make a lasting and sustainable business improvement. We will work with you and your team to analyse the Mystery Patient results, identify your gaps and help you create realistic and SMART objectives.
We work both as an advisor and in a hands-on role – informing, influencing, and driving individuals to take action. Using my creativity and communication skills I can deliver solutions in this fast paced sector.


  • Between patient and nursing staff
  • Between patient and physician
  • Between staff and at points of hand-offs
  • Between non-clinical staff and patient
  • Discharge instructions

Responsiveness to requests


  • Odours
  • Noise
  • Privacy
  • Temperature
  • Cleanliness

Adherence to data protection and patient confidentiality

Clinical and Non-clinical staff interactions

  • With patient
  • With patient’s family
  • With other staff

Customer Service Training

We work closely with Clarimed Training, founded and ran by Claire Duncan, who over the years has been joined by a team of highly talented trainers helping to establish a diverse approach to specialized Medical Customer Service training.

CMT Clarimed Training runs flexible in-house training courses for clinical and non-clinical staff and will ultimately promote staff flexibility and service quality.

Clarimed’s courses are uniquely written and presented with the emphasis on communications. Due to their drive to make each course stimulating and interactive, they use various training methods such as group work, forum theatre and actress workshops.

These courses are designed to help delegates “crack” medical language codes, explain procedures, policies and conditions and promote staff flexibility and service quality.

Let The Busy Queen Bee and her team inspire you to thrive by delivering Exceptional Patient Experience, in helping you looking after your internal and external customers.

Contact us on 07797 828950 for more details or email us for a quote: contact@thebusyqueenbee.com

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