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Date: Tuesday 15th November 2016

Time:12.30pm – 2pm

Location: The Club Hotel

Grow your business by growing your local network; from lead generation, to breaking down barriers, or developing future collaborations. Speed Buzzing will help you to really connect then build and nurture relationships with the right people.

Don’t be afraid, we will give you the tips and tricks to become more confident and turn Speed Buzzing into a recipe for success.

So come and connect with us with our Quick Bite Speed Buzzing:

  • maximum of 20 people
  • 15 minutes: intro, networking tips and tricks
  • 60 minutes: Speed Buzzing, 2 minutes each to engage, then you move on
  • 15 minutes: close and network some more…
  • full list of attendees
  • one complimentary drink
  • £15.00

Who knows you?

When do you want to Speed buzz?
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