Franchise Opportunity: Mystery Shopping & Customer Experience 


I am buzzing to hear that you are contemplating joining our beehive community.

I have franchised my proven business model in order to provide you with the tools to become Director of your own Hive. You will not have to start from scratch; worry about start up processes or deal with the issues I encountered when I launched the business six years ago.

Instead, you can focus on helping your customers to thrive by delivery better services. Running my own business has been the best move in my life; it enabled me to follow my passion for business and be a good provider for my family – achieving the perfect work/life balance.

I look forward to getting you buzzing by joining our busy franchise hive.

It might be your lifetime opportunity if…

  • You are looking for a better work/life balance
  • You are feeling overworked and demotivated at your office

Do you dream of…

  • Being your own boss?
  • Working when you want, with who you want and how you want?
  • Being flexible to work around your children, family, favorite sports?

Do you…

  • Have a passion for Customer Service?
  • Want to become The Customer Service Expert in your territory?
  • Want to help your local businesses create better relationships with their employees and customers?
  • Want to help your community to thrive by delivering exceptional customer service?

If you do, it’s time to do something about your life and make the necessary changes to live a happy life and run a successful franchise business…

So, is it time to take a leap of faith??

Want to know more about running your own Mystery Shopping & Customer Experience Franchise?

Download the full Franchise plan NOW…

What do we do?

Mystery Shopping

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Customer Experience

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Cust. Service Training

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Cust. Service Support

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Customer Insight

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Speed Buzzing

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Become the Owner of your own hive


If you are passionate about Customer Service and helping businesses to deliver better services; if you are diligent, inventive, radiant, trustworthy and keen to run your own business, there is no reason why you couldn’t “bee” The Busy Bee in your own region. There are 6 very simple steps to do:

Buzz one:

Email me to receive The Mystery Shopping & Customer Experience Franchise “Bee” Plan and fill in the application form.

Buzz two:

We will assess your application and the viability of a franchise in your territory, and sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement to gain access to the 5 years financial projections and business plan template.

Buzz three:

Conduct your own due diligence assessment and develop your business plan and your financial projections following our templates.

Buzz four:

If we both feel that a franchise is viable in your area and you are ready to start your own business it’s time to sign the franchise agreement.

Buzz five:

I will fly you out to your local for five days’ training, including Checker System training, sales and marketing, business development and of course more customer service.

Buzz six:

You are ready to buzz… following the training, I will help you launch, pitching to new clients, running a PR campaign and help you get your new franchise off to a successful flying start.

Let me get you buzzing about becoming The Customer Service Expert and the Owner of your own hive. Let me facilitate your success and “Bee” The Busy Bee in your region, part of The Busy Queen Bee beehive community around the world.

Contact The Busy Queen Bee to receive The Customer Service Franchise Plan.

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