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mums-enterprise-roadshow-busy-queen-beeSo, last week I attended the Mums Enterprise Roadshow in Manchester. I had been to their event last September in London and thought wow, this is incredible, I need to exhibit there. So, I contacted Lindsey in February and got myself all booked for the June event. The next thing I know, it’s June and I am preparing for the event.

It’s one thing to think: ‘this event is going to great’, it’s another thing to actually make it work for you. Two big questions before you book yourself onto any exhibitions, is to really think: are my potential customers going to be there? What are you really trying to achieve out of exhibiting? Remember to be S.M.A.R.T when setting your goals: is it visibility? is it more clients? is it selling your products there and then? When I was thinking about my objectives I knew I wanted to attract 2 new amazing women to become the new Mystery Shopping and Customer Experience Franchisees in the Manchester  area and sell 14 of my new StartUp Box. I had a special 50% discount on everything, so it was clear what we wanted and measurable. So be very clear what is the objectives you want to achieve at the end of the show…

The second thing you need to also think about is the cost involved into attending. Of course you have the cost of the exhibition but you also need to take into consideration your own time, or anyone who will be attending, the travelling expenses, the day expenses, all this need to be taking into consideration so you can see the real return on investment at the end of the event…

The third thing is about your preparation for the event. What are you bringing, who are you bringing, how are they briefed, have you shared your objectives with them? Do you need to do any printing? One the day of the event, by 11am we had no flyers left that day, so Debbie, my amazing assistant, said, let’s go digital, so we got everyone to take pictures of the flyers we had… thinking outside the box, that’s what I am trying to say, how can you make your business stand out…

The forth thing to think about is, how can you make the most of the event? It’s not for everyone, but asking to be a speaker to the event will really showcase your expertise, what you do and help you share the message, write a blog, do a live video… always, always think how can I share my message with others…

The fifth and final thing you need to do is to get out there and shout out loud to everyone that you are attending the event. I have to say, the girls at the Mums Enterprise Roadshow were absolutely on the ball in term of their marketing and social media marketing. They were active before, during and after they are still now posting attendees news and websites, offers and keep sharing the love from their attendees. Share, Retweet, use video, photos, get the people coming to the event to share on their pages, take photos with the other exhibitors and share their stories, the more active you are the more buzz you will get in return…

So if you are wondering if exhibiting at a show is the ‘thing’ for you, give it a try, but be prepared, share on social media, be full of energy, share your story and why you do what you do, be authentic and enjoy every minute of it.


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