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As a woman in business, you are probably a positive, powerful person but:

  • do your face and your words let other people know that?
  • do you fear networking?
  • do you find talking to a group of strangers intimidating?
  • do you know that networking is crucial for your business but don’t where to start?
  • do you want to know how to be more confident in networking and in building rapport to grow your tribe around you?

The answer…

Well, I think there is only one way to go for you to Thrive in your Hive and this is networking effectively.

Jennie Kitching, from Unity, and I met last year, whilst attending her NLP training course, and we got on so well, we wanted to put do something together for empowering women to thrive in business. Knowing my passion for Networking, we decided to put this evening together which will include the networking workshop and then an hour Speed Buzzing, to put into practice what you have just learnt.

In this workshop, we will:

  • equip you with a deeper understanding of involuntary facial movements that make or break professional and personal encounters, making you either a friend for life or a person to stay away from!
  • to bring to your attention some advanced linguistics to understand true confidence and positive communication and to project yourself in the most favourable light.
  • experience a little freedom from any anxiety or restriction you may be experiencing right now.
  • share Higher Process Communications – taking communication to its highest level.

Jennie and I will show you how to quickly master the art of networking. You will learn how to build a trustworthy tribe around you, to grow your business by growing your own local network, how to break down barriers and develop future collaborations.

Jennie will draw upon her skills to demonstrate the rudiments of micro-expressions and lie detection.  Check out her online course… and find out more about her numerous and very helpful books on Amazon.


£58 per person including Drinks and nibbles on arrival and at break-time.

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