Are you looking to export your products or services in France but don’t know where to start?

We can help you develop those so important relationships with France, especially in Normandy. Whether you want to increase your e-commerce services or find new partners to sell your products, we can do the research and make the introduction for you. Originally, French, we will not only help you to build strong relationships but we can also help you with French PR, website translation and social media marketing.

Become a Member of Normandie Welcome Association

The Busy Queen Bee has partnered with Normandie Welcome (a Norman association whose goal is to promote Normandy’s values, businesses and attractiveness, read more about it here) and their highly successful resources and experience, which will be major assets for the development of local partnerships. By joining Normandie Welcome community, and becoming a member of this non profit organization, you too, could take advantage of all of the benefits and together, grow bigger and stronger.

If you’d like more information on joining Normandie Welcome Association, well you can email Audrey, or call her 07797 764021 and she’ll be happy to have a chat with you about it!

For only £150 you can become a member, and we take care of all the papers!

The best way to open up the French market to your business…

Vous cherchez à importer vos produits sur l’île de Jersey, mais ne savez pas par où commencer?

Nous pouvons vous aider! Que vous souhaitiez augmenter vos services e-commerce, ou trouver de nouveaux partenaires, nous pouvons vous aider dans les démarches et vous mettre en relation avec les bonnes personnes! Toutes les deux françaises, nous sommes heureuses de pouvoir consolider les liens qui unissent Jersey et la France!

Le meilleur moyen de vous ouvrir sur le marché de Jersey…

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