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Customer service and rapport building catalyst, I bring a more feminine energy in your business…

Never too busy to inspire you to THRIVE, contact me today and let’s start your Customer Journey together.

Putting your customers in the heart of everything you do

When faced with critical issues within your organisation that needs addressing quickly and efficiently, that’s when you must call on me to inspire you refocusing on what makes a business exists; your internal and external customers.

I will empower you to do business with a more feminine energy, by caring, supporting, nurturing your employees and your customers, first. Then, by being authentic and building strong rapport with all your stakeholders, this process will naturally lead to increase in sales. You will thrive in your own business by guiding their employees through the journey to success just like the queen bee guides the hive in a more feminine intuitive, creative and inspiring way at an emotional level, resulting in BEEing a Customer-Centric organisation.

Small, medium, large organisation, does this seems familiar to you?

  • Does your customers buy from you once and you never see them again?
  • Is the online competition reducing the footfall in your business?
  • Recruitment costs are rising but do you find that your employees leave you after a few weeks?
  • Do you sometimes feel as if you are back in the school playground and constantly dealing with internal communication issues?
  • Do you know if all departments in your business deliver exceptional customer service consistently?

As a director, manager or sole trader, does this resonate with you?

  • Have you ever heard customers saying: “I didn’t know you existed…”?
  • Have you lost confidence in yourself and your business?
  • Do you have a fear of failure?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start?
  • Are you fed up having to deal with customers’ complaints every day?

If you can answer YES to any of these questions, this is the when you should know when you need help and to not be afraid to ask for it.

Are you ready to get help now?? Here is how I can inspire you to thrive…

Objectivity to the change management process

I can help you improve your processes, rethink your customer service strategies, and implement solutions to increase your profitability, improve your employees performances, ultimately delivering exceptional customer service to your customers and inspiring you to thrive in your business.

As an external consultant I will bring objectivity to the change management process in your business, with over 25 years’ experience in the service and hospitality industry, you can be confident that I have learned important lessons, which will save you time and money. I bring a high level of technical knowledge, expertise and services to find a solution to your problem and help you Thrive in your hive.

A private consultation with The Busy Queen Bee

“Bee” ignited and let me help you evolve by showing you “ways to buzz” to be successful; developing  strategies that turn potential into performance, re-defining your goals into measurable results. I will bring temporary or on-going expertise, I  tailor my approach to your specific needs, I will ignite you to love your job even more.

A Royal visit, a day in your Hive

Healthy Beehive, healthy business… I will take the time to understand your needs thoroughly, spending the day in your organisation, auditing, questioning, observing, before identifying opportunities for improving your business that you may not have already considered.

Often organisations or individuals are so busy during the day-to-day operation of the business that they can’t always see the “big picture”.  Seeing the situation through fresh eyes without preconceived notions will ensure objectivity, and will allow for the possibility of finding solutions to technical or operational problems, which have resisted best efforts in the past.

I use a “rolodex” system of strategic alliances; a selection of companies and individuals with different expertise to obtain services needed to implement effective change.

Learn how to Thrive in your business

Check out my Frequently asked questions about the steps to take to BEE a Customer-Centric business.


Contact me for an informal chat and let’s see how I can help you delivering even better customer service

“The Customer Journey Audit that Claire carried out for us incredibly beneficial. We all think we know our business inside out, but after just a limited amount time spent in the store Claire offered us insights into our customer demographic and behaviour that we had not previously thought of. Listening to Claire’s recommendations and observations has focused our activity and given us a real insight into how our customers feel. Immediately following the feedback meeting that took place just after the audit we decided to make substantial changes to the layout, feel and display inside the store.”
Charlotte Dickson, Business Development Manager, Holme Grown
“I both found our meeting very valuable and informative. The report is more extensive than I expected and has some great feedback that we are already acting on. As discussed, we have strategic aims and objectives, however, marketing, education and other elements required to fulfil these is going to be the challenge.
It has been an interesting exercise to undertake, we very much appreciate all your help and advice. If possible, I hope we can continue our relationship to develop the next stages of our journey.”
Krys Zalewska, Manager, Catherine Best Jewellers
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