Business is buzzing

Did you read that article in the JEP last Saturday in page 6? Heather Chalmers was talking to Bob Hogge, president of the “Jersey Beekeepers Society”. It was nice to hear that 2014 is going to be a wonderful honey crop, and despite the decline of Bees on the island, the beekeepers are looking at a

Change from Customer Service to an Unforgettable Experience

I have been asked to present tomorrow for one of the CI Change event at The Grand Jersey, which I was very honored to be asked; CI Change is a not-for-profit forum for ideas and discussion, about all aspects of Change Management, including people, processes, teams and leadership. It is a place to share and

“Our town centre, our Beehive”

When I think about our town centre, I can’t stop thinking about the Beehive, the analogy is perfect, don’t you think? People coming in buzzing around, shopping, meeting, browsing, and then going out again until next time. At the last census done in Jersey in 2011, 33,522 people lived in St Helier, 1/3 of the

“Bee 2 Bee”

The Queen Bee is like a goddess: her entire life is committed to be in full service of the Hive and the colony. The reality is if the Honey Bees were not in service of our eco-system, collecting pollen and transferring it from flowers to flowers, we would have a difficult time growing fruits and vegetables!

Just Buzzing

Honoured, thrilled, proud, overwhelmed, humbled, here are some of the feelings I have been experiencing the last few days. The Institute of Director awards recognise unsung heroes and heroines from all areas of the economy - private, public and third sectors. And I have the great honored to have been rewarded Director of the year

“Bee Responsible”

This week the Jersey Bee Keepers Association has launched a new proposal called “Protect Our Pollinator”. Bob Hogg, president of the JBKA, was interviewed on Friday by ITV Channel Television, he said that he was concerned because he had noticed that the bumblebees that were once plentiful around his apiaries, were becoming scarce. We need


Last week, as it was Half Term, I took my 2 kids to London. It had been ages and ages that they had been saying: when can we go to London? You go all the time for work and we have never been!! So, for Christmas, I booked us 3 to go. Luc is now

“Bee Genuinely interested in your customers’ needs”

This week has been marked for me by 2 separate events which made me feel so under-valued as a customer that I wanted to remind you the incredible importance on how your employees’ actions and behavior can create an unforgettable experience or one you wish you never had. First, I was actually performing a Mystery

Bee Ready to start your own Mystery Shopping Programme!

Last week, one of my question was: Why, as a business, you should use Mystery Shopping to improve your Customer Experience? Well it is a very easy question to answer, because Mystery Shopping will give you an objective view of the service you and your employees provide to your customers. Mystery Shopping isn't about picking

The Value of our Bees…

Following the article in JEP on Thursday evening, I managed to speak to Bob Tompkins, who used to be one of Jersey biggest Commercial Honey producer but now enjoy Beekeeping for the pleasure of it. Jersey has between 400 to 500 colonies, it may seem a lot, however the last couple of summers have not

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