I started this blog last Monday and then Wednesday 7th happened… actually, before the shooting, my idea was to talk about relationships, and how important it is to create and build strong relationships, not only for business but around us, our friends, our families, our community, it is all about relationships. When I looked at

A busy year for The Busy Queen Bee and her Hive…

Last Monday of the year and I guess a time to reflect on what a busy little year 2014 has been.   March We launched new website www.cbscustomerservices.com with the help of Matt Chatterley from MattchedIT   April We launched, The Hive: Jersey’s first business online forum, , enabling small businesses and sole traders to access business

“Give your Bees the tools to provide excellent Customer Service”

Last week I ran a Customer Service training session in St Pierre Park in Guernsey with our client Travel Solutions; businesses are really like Hives. In the Hive, bees’ development progressions and movements are stimulated by the colony’s need, in a business environment, how can you NOT train your employees to perform better? Training your employees isn’t just a need,

Bees and Drones

The drone is the only male bee in the colony, procreation is the drone’s primary purpose in life and therefore allowed to remain in the hive because they may be needed to mate with a new virgin queen. Bee mating occurs outside of the hive in mid-flight, 200 to 300 feet in the air; it

“A Special Week for your Bees”

National Customer Service Week is a week-long opportunity to raise awareness of customer service and the vital role it plays in successful business practice and the growth of the UK economy. It has started on Monday 6th October and will finish on Friday 10th October. It is a fabulous initiative which I support completely, however

The Customer Service Waggle Dance

Almost a year ago I started writing my blog and my book, Thrive with the Hive; it is funny how it has evolved in a year. When I first started the book I wanted to talk about the 4 Pillars of Customer Centric Businesses, after 12 months working on it, I actually turned the whole

Develop your Bees

So, I have decided to finish my Chartered Institute of Marketing certificate, CIM with the Professional Academy. I did start it 4 years ago and successfully passed two modules, but after a few months between running the business, the children, the house, it just got too much and I had to stop my studying. It

A New Hive

Wednesday 3rd September and our Jersey children are back to school. It is always a buzzing time, but this time probably even more so. My oldest son is in his last year of secondary school and my youngest is starting her first year there. New school, new friends, new teachers, do you remember that feeling?

Speed Buzzing

So, last Tuesday was Jersey’s very first Speed Networking event, and I can say it really Buzzed. When I first set up my business five years ago, I remember going to a Speed Networking event organised by Jersey Enterprise at the Hotel de France. The place was packed and I met so many people in such a

Bee better than the competition

One of the best ways to keep your business operating successfully is by continually measuring and comparing its performance against the competition, and to do this business operators are turning to benchmarking. Benchmarking allows you to discover the gaps in your performance when compared with someone else. More and more businesses are taking advantage of

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