Employees unengaged, unhappy, unproductive will never deliver exceptional customer service

Arc of white gravel sunlit on the seashore According to Gallup's study over 142 countries on the State of the Global Workplace. The bulk of employees worldwide -- 63% -- are "not engaged," meaning they lack motivation and are less likely to invest discretionary effort in organizational goals or outcomes. And 24% are "actively

Mystery Shopping – July Special Offer

Retail Mystery Shopping – JULY SPECIAL OFFER A full year of Mystery Shopping Measuring your customer service tells you where you are now and how you measure up against your competition. This important benchmark helps you to set your strategy going forward. Mystery Shopping is the evaluation, measurement and reporting of customer service standards by

Busy Guernsey Bee – Speed Buzzing Special Offer

To take advantage of the Busy Guernsey Bee - Speed Buzzing Special Offer for Chamber of Commerce Members please purchase through the paypal button below. When do you want to buzz? Thursday 14 July 6.30pm £7.50 GBP Thursday 11 August 12.00pm £7.50 GBP Thursday 15 September 8am £7.50 GBP Thursday 13 October 6.30pm £7.50 GBP

Why Facebook Isn’t Working For You? #TheBQBGuestBlogger Katherine Salt, Marketingmy

Why  Facebook Isn’t Working For You And What To Do About It? Whatever your business it’s likely that your customers and potential customers use Facebook.  It makes sense to jump in and set up a business page, post about your products or services and wait for the money to roll in. At the very least

Referrals, the outcome of networking

I remember when I first launched my Speed Buzzing events, someone contacted me and asked if they could see the list of attendees before they booked their place. After a few minutes I received an email from that person saying she wasn’t going to book, as the people on the list were not the right

Pollinating and our little islands

It has often been said that bees are responsible for one out of every three bites of food we eat, we need all as an island to safeguard these important creatures given their role in pollinating many food crops and wild plants and their contribution to our food production and the diversity of our environment. When

Build your tribe

When I first set up my business, six years ago, I went to a speed networking event organised by Jersey Enterprise at the Hotel de France. The place was packed and it was great to  connect with so many people in such a short time. After this, I decided that networking was going to be

Winter Bee Blues

Today is, according to researchers, the most depressing day of the year. The world health organisation says that in 2030 this will be the biggest concern, so now is the time to act and be rid of the stigma that effects so many people. So, how are you feeling today? Did you wake up thinking


I started this blog last Monday and then Wednesday 7th happened… actually, before the shooting, my idea was to talk about relationships, and how important it is to create and build strong relationships, not only for business but around us, our friends, our families, our community, it is all about relationships. When I looked at

A busy year for The Busy Queen Bee and her Hive…

Last Monday of the year and I guess a time to reflect on what a busy little year 2014 has been.   March We launched new website www.cbscustomerservices.com with the help of Matt Chatterley from MattchedIT   April We launched, The Hive: Jersey’s first business online forum, , enabling small businesses and sole traders to access business

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