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Being a Mystery Shopper is a skilled Job…

To attract Mystery Shoppers, many Mystery Shopping companies advertisements say things like: ‘get paid to shop' or ‘a really easy job- you just have to do an inquiry' or ‘get paid for only 15 minutes on-site'. Having been a Mystery Shopper and  in my initial days I got carried away by those headlines of

28 years of Mystery Shopping in Brazil, and still going strong…

My guest Blogger, Stella Kochen from Shopper Experience Pay attention at this picture above! Yes, for 28 years my hands have been taking care of Mystery Shopping . When I first  founded the  company in 1988, reactions all over Brazil were mixed. Sentences like: From "Wow, why didn’t I never thought about it, that’s a

Being part of a Beehive

I am just back from the Mystery Shopping Providers Association’s European conference in Athens. What a fabulous few days, the hotel Divani Apollon Palace was excellent, the weather was nice and warm, but most of all the conference was exceptional. Put 220 Mystery Shoppers in the same room for 3 days, it felt pretty amazing; I

Thrive with The Hive

I wrote my first blog on 23rd September 2013, this was the beginning of my new venture in talking about the Bees’ and their efficient work ethic and the Beehive and how it behaves as a miniature but incredibly successful business. The analogy of the Beehive has really inspired me and I wanted to do more

“Grow the local economy by growing your profit”

Recent media coverage in Jersey has raised the profile of persistent concerns from retailers, and consumers, about challenges relating to the retail sector in Jersey. The government has put a Scrutiny Panel together which is now particularly interested in establishing clarity about what the challenges facing retailers are. The idea is for the panel to

“Bee S.M.A.R.T…!”

Last week, my last question was:       How can you set “SMART” targets for your Service Management’s programme? I am sure most of you already know what S.M.A.R.T means, but for those who don’t, here is a little explanation; it is giving criteria to guide in the setting of objectives. There are different

“Bee clear and act now!”

Last week, my last question was:       What do you think you should then do with Mystery Shopping results? Well, the quick and short answer is, ACT on it!! If you are going into all the effort to set up a Mystery Shopping project, looking at the objectives, setting the questionnaire,  getting your manager to

Bee Ready to start your own Mystery Shopping Programme!

Last week, one of my question was: Why, as a business, you should use Mystery Shopping to improve your Customer Experience? Well it is a very easy question to answer, because Mystery Shopping will give you an objective view of the service you and your employees provide to your customers. Mystery Shopping isn't about picking

“Bee Measured to Bee Better!”

Last week, one of my question was: What can you then do ensure that the standards set are being followed? There is so many ways now to measure Customer Service; the one  I want to talk about today is, Mystery Shopping. I could say the Beekeepers, are some kind of Mystery Shoppers as they check

Why the Beehive??

I have decided to start this blog by talking about the Bees’ incredible efficient work ethic and by looking at how it relates to Customer Experience, Mystery Shopping, Market Research and Training … The Four Pillars of Successful Customer Centric Businesses.  Bees have been revered by past generations, who saw in the life of the hive virtues that

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