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BEE Prepared and Plan Ahead…

The bees store their honey in the honeycomb for a very good reason; honey is used as food for them in the colder months when there is no other food available for them. They are really making this honey as a way of planning ahead. They know that they won't have available food sources

Thrive with The Hive

I wrote my first blog on 23rd September 2013, this was the beginning of my new venture in talking about the Bees’ and their efficient work ethic and the Beehive and how it behaves as a miniature but incredibly successful business. The analogy of the Beehive has really inspired me and I wanted to do more

“Grow the local economy by growing your profit”

Recent media coverage in Jersey has raised the profile of persistent concerns from retailers, and consumers, about challenges relating to the retail sector in Jersey. The government has put a Scrutiny Panel together which is now particularly interested in establishing clarity about what the challenges facing retailers are. The idea is for the panel to

The Value of our Bees…

Following the article in JEP on Thursday evening, I managed to speak to Bob Tompkins, who used to be one of Jersey biggest Commercial Honey producer but now enjoy Beekeeping for the pleasure of it. Jersey has between 400 to 500 colonies, it may seem a lot, however the last couple of summers have not

Bee conscious of your Customer Journey…

To be a successful beekeeper, you must understand the natural instincts of the bee and the organisation of the hive. The activities of beekeepers today are increasingly important as the numbers of truly wild, unmanaged colonies has declined due to pollution and the destruction of habitats in the wild. The mission of a beekeeper is

Protect the future, Protect the local economy!

Customer Service week is starting today, a reminder for us all of the importance of our Customers. Because Customers are, off course, the Blood streamline of any businesses, if there are no customers there is no business...            The Queen Bee is like a goddess: her entire life is committed to be in full service of

Why the Beehive??

I have decided to start this blog by talking about the Bees’ incredible efficient work ethic and by looking at how it relates to Customer Experience, Mystery Shopping, Market Research and Training … The Four Pillars of Successful Customer Centric Businesses.  Bees have been revered by past generations, who saw in the life of the hive virtues that

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