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Your bees’ training is fundamental

The life of a honeybee is mostly a predictable one. Young bees, called house bees, do the hive chores by feeding the brood and cleaning and repairing cells. These young bees grow up to become nurse bees, helping to feed the larvae in the hive and caring for the Queen bee. Some guard the hive

Why, oh why should businesses deliver exceptional customer service?

Because new expectations have been created in terms of value, service and experience against which the average high street shop has in many cases simply failed to deliver. Is online shopping killing your business? Are your employees disengaged? Are you handling complaints efficiently? Do you really know what your customers want? According to a recent

Focus on benefits not features if you want to deliver exceptional customer service

I am sure you’ve heard it all before, but it is really true that when you train your employees, you must teach them about the benefits of the product they are selling rather than the features, so they can deliver exceptional customer service. When you show the benefits of your product to your employees, think

BUZZ 3 – TRAIN your employees to deliver exceptional customer service

In the beehive, bees’ development progressions and movements are stimulated by the colony’s need, in a business environment, how can you NOT train your employees to perform better? Well, once you have developed your own standards and you know exactly what type of service your employees should be delivering, you have to tell your employees about it

Thrive with The Hive

I wrote my first blog on 23rd September 2013, this was the beginning of my new venture in talking about the Bees’ and their efficient work ethic and the Beehive and how it behaves as a miniature but incredibly successful business. The analogy of the Beehive has really inspired me and I wanted to do more

Do what you do best and let the experts do the rest…

There is a fundamental change in what our customers are looking for now days. The competition locally and off-shore is higher than ever, and to distinguish itself, a small business needs to stand out from the crowd, and to be constantly looking at the best ways they provide their products and services. But when you

“Train your Bees”

The life of a honeybee is mostly a predictable one: Young bees, called house bees, do the hive chores, feeding the brood, cleaning and repairing cells, they grow up to become a nurse, helping to feed the larvae in the hive and caring for the Queen. Some guard the hive to keep out raiders and then

“Grow the local economy by growing your profit”

Recent media coverage in Jersey has raised the profile of persistent concerns from retailers, and consumers, about challenges relating to the retail sector in Jersey. The government has put a Scrutiny Panel together which is now particularly interested in establishing clarity about what the challenges facing retailers are. The idea is for the panel to

Bee Healthy, Bee Efficient…

Bees are careful to conserve their precious fuel during the hunt and harvest of resources in order to avoid depleting themselves. They factor in the costs of collection for maximum production at minimum expenditure of energy. They never compromise the long-term success of the organisation by exhausting their capacity to perform. When people tire out,

Why the Beehive??

I have decided to start this blog by talking about the Bees’ incredible efficient work ethic and by looking at how it relates to Customer Experience, Mystery Shopping, Market Research and Training … The Four Pillars of Successful Customer Centric Businesses.  Bees have been revered by past generations, who saw in the life of the hive virtues that

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