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BEE Prepared and Plan Ahead…

The bees store their honey in the honeycomb for a very good reason; honey is used as food for them in the colder months when there is no other food available for them. They are really making this honey as a way of planning ahead. They know that they won't have available food sources

No longer can one business rest on his laurels

No longer can one business rest on his laurels, wake up it’s time for action, if you don’t someone else will. Do you know that bees avoid decision-making pitfalls by considering several options, but they make fast and effective decisions in order to react to opportunities. Businesses need to evaluate, respond and act taking

Customer Complaints, one very efficient way to learn how to deliver exceptional customer service

The more feedback you get the more you will learn how to delight your customers and will be able to deliver exceptional customer service. Listen, understand, act… When forager bees come back into the hive, they need to locate receiver bees to exchange nectar. The bees are adept at using feedback to stay in touch

Is your vision helping you deliver exceptional customer service?

I am actually looking at 2017 business strategy and asked myself where am I going? Where do I really want to be by the end of 2017? So, I started to work on my vision and as I was talking around to other people, I realised that many small and large businesses don’t necessarily have

Is online shopping killing your business?

We have entered the initial phases of another economic downturn and as economic activity slows down and internet retailers capture more of the market, brick and mortar retailers are cutting their losses. How we shop has quite simply changed beyond recognition, shops are closing down rapidly and retailers are finding that there are some local

Measure to celebrate success, measure exceptional customer service

The beekeepers, are some kind of mystery shoppers as they check the beehive regularly to ensure all processes are being done and beekeepers, of course, manage colonies of bees in order to harvest their honey. Their job includes caring for the bees, maintaining and monitoring the hive to promote optimal honey production. Measuring the service

80/20 Busy Bee Rules

Nowadays, when every penny counts, companies are having to review their processes. So, just like our Scouts bees, who factor in the costs of collection for maximum production at minimum expenditure of energy, businesses need to be more clever to preserve the ability of the organisation to perform by focusing on getting the right things

“Who knows you?”

WOW, what a week ending Friday 13th and a full moon… I knew it was going to be a buzzing week but it actually exceeded my expectations. The week included exhibiting at the B2B event organised by Julie Settle from Effective Communication and Jersey Business, included a new customer, included meeting Mr Network, Andy Lopata,

Thrive with The Hive

I wrote my first blog on 23rd September 2013, this was the beginning of my new venture in talking about the Bees’ and their efficient work ethic and the Beehive and how it behaves as a miniature but incredibly successful business. The analogy of the Beehive has really inspired me and I wanted to do more

Bee Customer Centric

The hive behaves like a miniature but incredibly successful business; they are an inspirational, ever-present reminder of the natural possibilities of organizational excellence and the Queen Bee raises the standards, promoting a positive culture with a strong leadership, knowing that each individual contributes to be part of the Hive and the higher mission of the

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