Senses and Sales

You will be amazed to know that bees can see, count, recognize faces and shapes, are responsive to wide range of colours and odours, and despite having a brain the size of a grass seed they have an incredible cognitive abilities. Our five senses are affected physiologically by everything in our path, we enhance the quality …

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Put an end to stress, under-performance and chaos in your workplace.

I discovered Feng Shui about seven years ago; Rachel Elnaugh, the former Dragons Den star and entrepreneur was invited to Jersey as guest speaker at the ICSA Jersey Awards Dinner, and I had the great pleasure of picking her up from the airport. During our conversation, she mentioned Feng Shui. I had never heard of it so I …

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NPS v/s Mystery Shopping

Net Promoter Score (NPS)  is a consumer insight.  It measures customer loyalty and where your business stands vis-à-vis your competitor.  It is based on a single or a couple of  questions, What are the chances that you will recommend this business to your friend?” Respondents, while calculating the NPS, are grouped as follows: Promoters, Passives …

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Mystery Shopping and SMEs

According to RedWigWam, many believe that Mystery Shopping is for the big corporations only. This is a misconception. While some agencies focus on big corps, there are many organizations who also help SME organizations with the measurement of their service delivery. SME organizations run on smaller budgets and cannot afford big time advertising or marketing …

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