Caring for your employees so they can care for your customers

A lot has happened this summer and my Mumbai Franchisee had been offered to create an Customer Service Institute out there and therefore I thought if I am going to do it out there I may as well do it here…

You and I know that happy employees will increase their performances resulting in happy customers and happy bosses… We are entering a new era. It is time to start evolving into the next phase of higher consciousness, where businesses must be accountable for their people and their environment. Business leaders must start bringing a more caring energy into their businesses,  by being more compassionate, developing communication, caring, supporting and engaging their employees; nurturing, valuing and guiding their customers through their journey in a creative and inspiring way at an emotional level.

For this reason, I wanted to create a platform which will really transform people in helping them to feel happier in themselves, in their environment and give them the skills to deliver exceptional customer experiences.   But, for this I wanted to bring the best in their field together, so I have brought Global Experts: Davina MacKail, Glenda Rivoallan, Jennie Kitching to put programmes together making the skills more relevant,  giving high quality outcome.

The programmes be available in class room environment by our dynamic and inspiring team of trainers  who will make the sessions accessible to all attendees in a compelling and lively way, inspiring them to extend their own skills and develop new ones, we also have a range of online E-Learning and ‘Live with the experts’ programmes having a transformational affect in your employees and in your organisations.

Want to know more???

Check out The BQB Customer Xperience Institute and we are starting the new programmes on Customer Service, Networking, Mindfulness for Well-Being, Environmental Psychology and NLP from 1st October, which will be one hour interactive and dynamic training session for a period of 12 weeks, so no time to waste BOOK today!!

Or you may prefer to bespoke the training to your exact needs and have 2 hours Mindfulness, 2 hours Networking and 2 hours NLP, create your own workshop, pick the modules you want, when you want and we will come to deliver them to your workplace, email me for more details:

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