Mystery Shopping and SMEs

According to RedWigWam, many believe that Mystery Shopping is for the big corporations only. This is a misconception. While some agencies focus on big corps, there are many organizations who also help SME organizations with the measurement of their service delivery.
SME organizations run on smaller budgets and cannot afford big time advertising or marketing but at the same time they need to be known and they must have a strong brand presence and benchmark against the competition.
Mystery Shopping is an inexpensive tool that can be helpful to the SMEs to evaluate and re-position their businesses. According to a survey done by The National Federation Of Independent Business, Mystery Shopping or Secret Shopping, as called by many, provides you with critical feedback about your business and even helps you market your product or service. The Mystery Shoppers are trained to give objectives feedback on Key Performance Drivers then inform the business owners so that they can improve their business processes, training, and the customer experience overall.
For most SMEs, growing revenue is on the top of their agendas and this can be very easily achieved via Mystery Shopping. The SMEs can get an idea about their pricing, product placements, sales techniques and also about competition, so that they can easily evaluate and revise their strategies.
According to Julian Miles, in an article in RAC magazine, In UK, the government is encouraging the SMEs to use the confidential complaints Mystery Shopper Scheme about poor procurement practices in public sector contracts. And according to Civic Activism, a grassroots democracy toolkit for civil society in Northern Ireland and Beyond, in 2011, the UK Cabinet extended its Supplier Feedback Service to include a ‘mystery shopping service’ to answer issues or concerns relating to public procurement. In Northern Ireland, the mystery Shopping approach has been used by the Housing Rights Service to enable private tenants to gather information about the highly variable levels and types of fees charged by the estate agents.
Most SMEs do not have a large number of employees and therefore their employees play a pivotal role in delivering exceptional customer service and contribute to the success of the business. Mystery Shopping contributes to the betterment of the employees as well, by reward employees who are doing very well, identifying weaker employees, who are in need of further training or even perhaps redeploy employees’ according to what they do best.
SMEs can benefit a lot from hiring Mystery Shopping Services as they are totally independent and unbiased source of Evaluations, to leverage their branding and establish benchmarks for their businesses.


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