Being a Mystery Shopper is a skilled Job…

To attract Mystery Shoppers, many Mystery Shopping companies advertisements say things like: ‘get paid to shop’ or ‘a really easy job- you just have to do an inquiry’ or ‘get paid for only 15 minutes on-site’.

Having been a Mystery Shopper and  in my initial days I got carried away by those headlines of the job advertisements, thinking ‘that sounds really easy, anyone can do it!’ However,  only when you actually start conducting these jobs,  you realize the various skills you need to complete the shop successfully.

Mystery Shopping is a skilled activity that requires attentiveness, good observation, good listening skills, exceptional memory and an eye for details. The ability to express yourself clearly with an impartial and objective attitude, well organized, good at taking notes and recording information and awareness of equality issues and respectful of diverse people.

Jasmine Birtles, the founder of Money Magpie, firmly believes that Mystery Shopping is for someone who have a lot to say. Becoming a Mystery Shopping isn’t just about getting paid to shop, there is a lot more involved before, during and after a visit to ensure the feedback given is valuable for the clients, they should feel as if they were in the Mystery Shoppers’ shoes…

Fancy becoming a Mystery Shopper and join our team in Mumbai???

Only one thing to do, email us for more information, we provide personal training before sending you anywhere so you are confident to start helping your local businesses deliver exceptional customer service.


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