Thriving by Caring – NEW BOOK

Thriving by Caring

10 business leadership principles for exponential growth in the 21st Century through a Caring Service Culture.

It was 2 years ago when I published Thrive with The Hive, and almost 3 years in the making. I guess I procrastinated a little, or a lot, I wasn’t sure where to start and how to go about writing a book, and the fear of rejection or judgement got the better of me.

This time around, on 6th July 2018, Amina Boussaoui, The Busy Queen Bee Maroc, asked me to have a book for the launch of the BQB Maroc Franchise in September 2018, and so I said yes. I had 10 weeks to write the book, translate it in French and publish it, but it became more than a passion, it became an obsession. I know this isn’t a very ‘yin energy’, as suddenly my left brain kicked-in and it became a necessity for me, I had a clear vision, people were counting on me to deliver and I put everything in place so I could to reach my goal.

But this time around, I knew exactly what I wanted to share with you, it feels that it is anchored so deep inside me. This is my purpose to share the message about being more Caring, mixing my passion for customer service and caring, only mean one thing, to write this book so I want to challenge you, Leaders, to grow and change some of your old habits, to become the ‘New Era leaders’ in the 21st Century:

  • by nurturing a ‘Caring Service Culture’
  • by creating better environment for your employees to feel happy to come to work everyday
  • by developing unforgettable customer experiences every time they walk through your doors
  • by genuinely ‘caring’ for the customers and the employees to become central to all processes

So together you can deliver consistently exceptional customer experiences resulting in exponential growth and thriving businesses through a Caring Service Culture. Now, let me ask you one last question…

How can you create a Caring Service Culture in your business today?

Want to know more about Thriving by Caring??

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