Customer Service Week 2018

I know, I know, we shouldn’t wait for Customer Service Week to celebrate customers, but hey, it’s a good excuse to make even more of a fuzz to your customers.
So, what have you got plan for #CSWeek2018??
You and I know that there is an incredible change in customers’ expectations, whether you are providing a service, selling a product, in banking, hospitality, over the phone or face-to-face, competition out there is harsh and as a business you need to do everything in your power to:
  • Provide products/services to meet their needs
  • Provide value for money
  • Represent their interests
  • Build trust that you will do the right thing
  • Empathise
  • Listen
  • Provide excellent levels of product knowledge
  • Be treated as an individual
  • Provide warm and friendly responses
  • Make them feel important – such as by using their name
  • Be flexible
  • Be creative
  • Provide a solutions-focused approach
  • Provide speed of delivery and availability of products/services
  • Be of value
Not only do your employees no longer simply have to meet customer expectations,but they must exceed them, not once,not twice but every single time they walk through your doors. Your customers want you to help them take the right decision, they want you to genuinely guide them to the right choice, the right product or service which will make their life better and will make them feel good.
But it isn’t just your customers you need to take care of, look closer and make sure your employees come first, how do your employees feel when they are working for you??
You must touch your customers (and now I am talking internal and external customers) at an emotional level during, before and after their interactions with you, if you manage to do that, you will win loyal customers, you will see your employees engagement increase and so will your profit.
A happy employee is a happy customer, is a happy bottom line… so what are you waiting for?? Let’s celebrate the most important people in your business…

Need some help taking care of your employees or your customers?

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