It all started 9 years ago…

It all started 9 years ago… whilst working at L’Horizon Hotel. We had monthly mystery guest visits from a UK company and I realised there was a gap in the market for a similar service with local knowledge. I thought this is what I need to do, it was like a light bulb moment to me and gave me the impetus to leave my secure job to pursue this idea. I sold my house and used the profit to set up on my own in 2009 to provide a service that filled this gap. And so, the next chapter of my life began.

Starting a business during a recession was a notably bold move; a mad move perhaps, as quite a few people suggested. However, it is often during such times of adversity that successful businesses rise; especially when they are devoted to helping enterprises to improve their customer service. Indeed, I was certain that it was perfect timing to establish a customer focus business during a period of time when looking after and retaining your customers was especially vital and, frankly, more important than ever.

People ask me, did you ever envisage the business going that way?? I guess my vision has always been to help businesses to thrive and grow their profitability by providing an exceptional customer experience, because of course if the local businesses thrive, so will the local economy. But in 9 years, there has been some ups and some downs; writing my first book Thrive with the Hive as an incredible moment, so was being nominated Gurus 13 in the Top 30 Global Customer Service Guru. So much has happened to me and I have learnt so much over the years and met so many incredible people.

A BIG part of running your own business is the support around you; for me having my 2 beautiful children, my crazy friends, my family, my shoppers and my assistant to the immense tribe of network I have built around me, I couldn’t have not done it without any of them…

The other BIG part of running your own business is the sheer passion for why you do what you do, for me sometimes, it is more like an obsession, the perseverance to continue because you absolutely know it is the right thing to do.

So today, 9 years on from launching my business, not only does the business remain the only Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man and Isle of Wight provider of unique and tailored services; including customer experience, customer service support, mystery shopping, customer service training, customer insight and speed buzzing; the six pillars of excellence in customer-centric businesses. I have now packaged those six pillars and have now developed a Global Network of Customer Experience Experts.

Why? Because I get a real buzz empowering entrepreneurs to create harmony in their life and business. By giving them the tools to run their own successful mystery Shopping and customer experience franchise business, so, together we can raise the importance of customer service and increase the level of excellence in local businesses. We help businesses to audit, measure and improve their customer experience and customer service delivery. We do this by bringing a more feminine energy into their businesses, by being more compassionate, developing communication, caring, supporting and engaging their employees; nurturing, valuing and guiding their customers through their journey in a creative and inspiring way at an emotional level.

The end of the year is going to be full of excitement, with the launch of a brand new Business… yes, crazy I know… The BQB Customer Xperience Institute is being launched to care for employees so they can care for their customers, I have a new book Thriving by Caring coming out in October with the Audio version, and the French version of it will be launch in September during my visit to Casablanca.

My head is spinning at 200/miles per hour, I come up with new ideas every day and if someone would have told me that I would have been Franchising my business in Morocco and Mumbai, creating a Customer Xperience Institute, writing 3 books, and helping so many businesses deliver exceptional customer service, I would have laughed saying: ‘Yeah, right…’

So today, I feel very grateful and every single one of you out there who has been around me over the last 9 years, I thank you: thank you for your kind messages, your support, your laughter, your constructive feedback, your trust in me, your loyalty, your patience with my crazy ideas… but my work isn’t finished yet, I have so much more to really make an impact in creating a Caring Service Culture in businesses globally so they can have happy employees, happy customers and happy bottom lines…

Are you coming with me??

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