BEE Prepared and Plan Ahead…

The bees store their honey in the honeycomb for a very good reason; honey is used as food for them in the colder months when there is no other food available for them. They are really making this honey as a way of planning ahead. They know that they won’t have available food sources at some point in the future, so they go ahead and make and store honey for that anticipated time.

With 2018 in full swing now, planning ahead is the only way for you to know where you are going to go and take your company to! It is so much like preparing your summer holiday in France, you are going to take your map out, check out the road, the hotels, the petrol you need, etc… then you will eventually get into your car, follow your map and arrive to your final destination. Well planning is just the same, from a vision to a strategic plan followed by your action plan; every detail needs to be thought of, to ensure you achieve your goals.

Once the plan is done, it is crucial to communicate it to all your employees they are part of your journey too… They need to know what is expected of them, what they need to do to achieve the vision and travel with you on the journey. Plan 12 months ahead, plan 3 to 6 months, plan short term less than 3 months and a month ahead. Remember to be SMART when planning ahead, check out my video for creating SMART objectives, here.

But like in any journey, all sorts can crop up, you may have to change direction because there are road works, or turn around because you took the wrong turning, or just decide to stop because you have just seen stunning scenery. Don’t be afraid the amend your journey, it is there to be changed and moved and improved.

Any successful company knows that a business cannot survive without a realistic business plan. Large companies spend hours in strategic planning, however when you are a small business or Sole Trader, you don’t necessarily have the time or the exact knowledge how to do that. I know I have been there, and this is the reason why I want to write this blog today, if you have a vision but don’t have a plan on how to get there, you will have a very difficult journey, you may still get there in the end but it won’t have been easy or you would have certainly avoided mistakes and got to the final destination much quicker.

So if you haven’t got a plan all mapped out for 2018, whether it is a full Business plan or a marketing plan or a Customer Service plan, there is plenty of help out there, you just need to ask and get your road map drawn up to ensure you have a Prosperous 2018.

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