The “Iles anglo-normandes” section is waiting for you!

Hi everyone, Audrey here! I was telling you about “Normandie Welcome”, last time (over here), and I wanted to share an exciting news with you, as The Busy Queen Bee is now linked with Normandie Welcome website!

You can find us (and soon find yourself) in the “Iles Anglo-Normandes” section! That’s right a section dedicated just for us, isn’t it nice? And what is even better is: everyone who’ll click on our logo will be directed to your website!

In few days, Accent Language School, in Guernsey, and Rural Magazine, in Jersey, will be joining us on this special page, as they are the first to become members of Normandy Welcome Association. Indeed it’s a good way for them to promote their services in France, which is so close to us! They are proud to support French culture as they have many French clients today and will be more than happy to welcome Frenchies who’d like to enjoy a study break in Guernsey.

But there is so much more to come and becoming a member is also going to bring more benefits for its members. AS we speak we are putting together a proposal for an offer which could potentially “BEE” very big, not only for local businesses but also for our local economy, I have only one word to say and that’s “China”… more to come in the next few weeks!

So are you going to be part of the Normandie Welcome Family too?

Become a Member of Normandie Welcome

If you’d like more information on joining Normandie Welcome Association, well you can email me, or call me 07797 764021 and I’ll be happy to have a chat with you about it!

Cost to join for the year is only £150

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