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Hi everyone, Audrey here! Almost 3 months in Jersey, and it has been an amazing experience meeting so many local businesses with such a wide range of products and services. What attracted me to Jersey in the first place, was the closeness and origin from Normandie. As some of you may know, I’m from Normandy and I’m really proud of our values, culture, and know-how, I love Normandie so much that I became an Ambassador of “Normandie Welcome”, the official Norman Association.


What is Normandie Welcome? A non-profit organization whose goal is to promote Normandy around the world!

What do they do? They develop a network of international support to promote the attractiveness of Normandy and to increase its economy. They use every support they can, such aas websites and social media to actively spread news about events in Normandy, but also and foremost, to promote companies’ successes in order to maintain the links between those that appreciate the region.

But the most effective way to buzz is networking, and as an ambassador, I am here to share their passion about Normandy with my local community. In order to make stronger the link between us, we enjoy meeting each other over good food and ciders (we are indeed French after all…) as well as sharing our expertise, success, advice, contacts…

Last weekend I had the pleasure to return to Normandy for a couple of days and attended one of the most popular events organised by Normandie Welcome, their AGM, they had music, they had cider, they had hundreds of guests, from local politicians to businesses, to very important Chinese represent. The event was in Caen in the women’s abbey, it was the perfect time to network and connect, and I have made the most of it, collecting a number of valuable business cards, which I am bringing back to Jersey.

Normandie Welcome also owns an online store to promote the Norman products worldwide! Whether it’s for a special event or thank employees/visitors, or for relatives living abroad, everyone can order Norman’s baskets! Such an amazing ideas and I have the immense pleasure to announce that Normandie Welcome would love to work with The Busy Queen Bee to also promote Jersey Businesses and Jersey Products.

Yes, we have partnered with Normandie Welcome and their highly successful resources and experience, which will be major assets for the development of local partnerships. By joining Normandie Welcome community, and becoming a member, you too, could take advantage of all of the benefits and together,  grow bigger and stronger.

womens'abbey caen normandie welcome
event normandie welcome

Become a Member of Normandie Welcome

If you’d like more information on joining Normandie Welcome Association, well you can email me, or call me 07797 764021 and I’ll be happy to have a chat with you about it!

Cost to join for the year is only £150


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