Should we network at weddings?

With the wedding season fast approaching, I have asked Sandy Moretta, Wedding Planner Expert, from TernEvents, to give you us a few Do’s and Don’ts on Networking during weddings…


wedding-networking-tipsThis is an interesting one.

As a wedding and event planner, I certainly do myself, gently, with all the other wedding suppliers I am working with, but it’s a little different if you’re a guest.

I’m absolutely not saying don’t, in fact, I believe life can be one fun networking opportunity (with a small ‘n’), it’s just important that we go about it in an appropriate way, given the situation.

Here are a few suggestions……

Business Cards

By all means, take them with you. You never know who you might meet and it is, for sure, the simplest way to be certain a new contact has your details. However, unlike a networking group or meeting where everyone knows the drill, wait to be asked and keep it private. You don’t want to be caught on camera swapping business cards as the bride walks down the aisle.

You never know who you might meet

Try not to see making great new contacts as a goal in the way that you might at a different event. You are there as a guest and every wedding guest costs the hosts a lot to be there, so be grateful, engage in small talk and enjoy yourself.

I believe by being genuinely interested in, and listening to, even the most unlikely potential business contact, you can be surprised.

You may sigh on discovering that you’re sat next to the groom’s maiden aunt, but you have no idea until you show a real interest, who she really is and indeed what she’s done and who she knows.

Be yourself, within reason

If you are really hoping to make connections, think carefully about what you do, wear and drink.

You absolutely need to be yourself, enjoy the wedding and be authentic. However, you don’t want to be constantly fiddling with awkward bra straps or otherwise checking your outfit.

Limit your alcohol intake, and keep up the hydration, rather than mess up a potentially fabulous connection by slurring your words or falling on the dance floor at just the wrong moment.

Approaching people directly

Sometimes you may know that a particular person has been invited and you’re itching for an introduction.

This is not the day to rush up to the groom, however good a friend he is, and ask.

An opportunity may arise and, if it’s natural rather than engineered, by all means, go for it.

If not, exercise patience and ask on your friends’ return from honeymoon.


Sandy Moretta, TernEvents, “We’ll make it happen”



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