#2 Social Media Tips: your audience becomes your friend

Hi there, today I’m sharing with you another tip about Social Media! In my first blog, I was telling you that social media platforms were a powerful tools to drive traffic to your website by targeting the audience you want (if you missed the first don’t worry, you can read it here)! And this audience is going to become your real friend, that’s what I’m going to tell you today!

Real friends, really? Indeed, social media platforms like, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram allow your potential customers to speak with you, as you can also interact with them. But it’s not only about communicating, as you can even see what they like, dislike, their habits, their hobbies…so you can adapt your products or services to their expectations, and of course the way you are promoting what you do. So at the end if you’re doing it right, YES, you’ll will know everything about them, as they will know everything about you, and I think that’s the beginning of every friendship isn’t it?


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