A new Norman-Jersey Bee has just joined The Busy Queen Bee team!

Hi there, I’m Audrey, the Norman-Jersey Bee who has just joined The Busy Queen Bee team!

After working two years in Paris for DBAPPAREL Lingerie Group (Dim-Playtex-Wonderbra-Shock Absorber) and Danone group, I spent the past two years buzzing in New York City as I always had a passion for traveling and expatriation. A year ago, I needed to find a new way to express my creativity and decided to launch my own company; Little Normandy, an online store dedicated to sell handmade and unique jewelry inspired by the Norman landscapes and culture. I also started a blog where I share lifestyle tips, and of course speak about Normandy to the whole world!

I’m very attached to both English and Norman way of life and values, and love being part of a community, so few months ago Jersey appeared on my Instagram feed and it seemed to be the perfect place to find a new hive!

When I met Claire the connection was immediate. I was amazed by her passion for helping small businesses at so many level: training teams to deliver exceptional customer service, developing networking events to facilitate entrepreneurs’ exchanges, and building companies brand image via marketing workshops. By joining our forces we now are able to provide offline and online Customer Service support including: online marketing services to help other companies to thrive, as well as develop business relationships between France and Jersey.

If you’ve reach this paragraph you might have understood my passion marketing, especially online marketing and social media, as it’s a great way for companies to communicate not just locally, but also globally. Everything is moving so fast nowadays, the Internet is an everyday challenge and that’s what I like about it!

Now you may wonder why I like social media so much, well I’m going to tell why it’s so important for companies to be a part of it. First things you need to know is that these platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube (and so much more…) are a way to drive traffic to your website, and if you chose the appropriate ones you can directly target the audience you want! Please take few minutes and look at your website as a selfie; ”it’s gorgeous”, so you’re thinking…the world should be aware of it, right? Let’s just share it then!

And what is so great about it, is that you can do it for free! Exactly, you don’t need an important budget to get notice nowdays! I see it every day with my brand, most of the traffic I get is from Facebook and Instagram (where my targets are, women between 18-60 years old), and I even can tell you that in average people coming via facebook stay 3 minutes on my website, and when they come from Instagram it’s about 10 minutes! Their engagement and loyalty are important, because they already are interested in what I do, people want to engage with you, the person, and by following me on social media they get all the news, live, about me and my business! And that’s what our customers want now, they want to be the first ones to know about the good deals, about the tips and the expertise you can share with them, about the new range which has just arrived they want to be the first ones to enjoy them!

I hope this post has inspired you a bit about going on social media if you’re not on using those kind of platforms yet, and it was nice to tell you a bit more about me too. Please feel free to contact Claire or I for more if you want to have a little chat and see how we can help you to thrive in your hive…


Want to know more about our new Customer Service Support Services, check them out here, now…



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