Why, oh why should businesses deliver exceptional customer service?

shop-decsBecause new expectations have been created in terms of value, service and experience against which the average high street shop has in many cases simply failed to deliver.

Is online shopping killing your business? Are your employees disengaged? Are you handling complaints efficiently? Do you really know what your customers want?

According to a recent Walker study showed that 86% of customers will pay more for a better customer experience by 2020…

So let me ask you:

Is good customer service good enough?

No, of course NOT, you want to give EXCEPTIONAL, not just good, customer service… and the trick to do this is CONSISTENCY.

Exceptional customer service is about putting customers at the heart of your business every steps of the way.  After all, they are what keeps your business going.

No customers = No business!

A smile and a welcome is simply not enough to be considered ‘good customer service’ in today’s competitive retail industry.

We have entered the initial phases of another economic downturn and as economic activity slows down and internet retailers capture more of the market, brick and mortar retailers are cutting their losses. How we shop has quite simply changed beyond recognition, shops are closing down rapidly and retailers are finding that there are some local communities that can no longer support them.

Creating a service culture in your retail business with exceptional customer service means:

  • less complaints,
  • less damaging social media comments,
  • fewer negative reviews,
  • reduced churn,
  • and more loyal customers,

Which will result in more motivated staff, higher sales figures, and a buzzing business. As a small retail business owner, you must continually evolve to meet the changing needs of your customers.

As a small retail business owner, you are always putting your energy into training your staff, which is great, of course, but my question is: who trains you, the business owners?

You are the expert in your field, and I know you are spinning so many plates, one minute you are ordering stock, the next you are the marketing manager, and the next you are cleaning or putting a new window together. This is why, I wanted to create a course specifically designed for you, small business retailers, and give you the flexibility to take your time to develop at your own pace, to apply practical tips straight away, to get you thinking and get you and your business buzzing.

By delivering exceptional customer experience you influence customer behaviours, thoughts and emotions every time your customers walk through your doors.

Delivering exceptional customer service is about:

  • building strong rapports within your business (with your internal customers) to make your business run more efficiently, reduce staff turnover and increase their engagement.
  • giving your paying customers the ultimate customer service experience, so that they will buy more from you, return again, and recommend you.

Which ultimately increases your bottom line, turning your business into a thriving and buzzing business.


  • Having more customers through your doors…
  • A higher shopping basket…
  • Increased employee retention…
  • Loyal employees and customers
  • Going on holiday or even just having one whole day off!!

“The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60 – 70%. The probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20% “– Marketing Metrics.

Here is the truth of the matter people want to come to your shop, they don’t want to buy online, they don’t want to buy from big superstores with no personality, people want to buy from small retailers who genuinely care about them, they want to help the local community.

So, what are you waiting for? let’s bring a new energy into your business, bring more customers through your doors, so they can buy from you, return to you and recommend you. It’s time to get your customer service journey started and start thriving in your business by delivering exceptional customer service.

Want to know how, just click here…



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