FIREWALK… Would you dare? My Guest Blogger Mark Baker has, and he tells you why?

A FIREWALKWhy would anyone want to complete a firewalk?

That’s a good question and the answer is very different than you might imagine. People tend to think fire walking is either thrill seeking or something to check off your bucket list. However the truth is very different and not what you would imagine it to be.

Firstly, there is so much more to it than just turning up and walking on hot coals and then going home. At my Life without limits firewalk seminar I deliver a talk about limiting beliefs and how they hold us back and prevent us from realising our full potential. Most people say that the talk is as or even more important that the firewalk itself as it opens people up to information that they have never come across before.

Understanding how beliefs are formed and more importantly how they can be changed is essential if we are going to be able to achieve our goals and realise our potential. Success in life whether in a financial or a personal sense is directly attributed to the beliefs that you hold about yourself. There’s only one problem! Beliefs are held at a subconscious level so you aren’t actually aware of them or what they are. So most people go through life with limitations that they aren’t even aware of consciously.

However that all changes at the firewalk seminar because once you become aware of the concept of limiting beliefs. I will show you how to identify them and how to change them from limiting beliefs to new empowering beliefs.

We are all blessed or cursed at birth by the beliefs that are programmed into us during the first seven years of our lives (Otherwise known as the imprint period) The imprint period is from birth to around seven years of age and this is when around ninety per cent of our beliefs are formed. During this period we are very open to the beliefs of the authority figures in our lives such as our parents and teachers. And because we don’t know how to differentiate between something that is true, real or questionable we tend to accept the vast majority of the information given to us without question. But what if that information isn’t true or limits us?

The good news is that beliefs are learned and therefore what is learned can be unlearned and replaced with beliefs that will set us free to become all that we were meant to become. But don’t take my words for it. Come along and check it out for yourself as I am so confident that you will benefit from the experience that I offer a money back guarantee.


Listen to what two delegates had to say about the Life without limits firewalk seminar.    

Rai El Toro Garcia-Singh

Fantastic evening with some amazing people…. I did the walk 3 times….everyone had a reason for doing this…and some profound reasons too..let go of the past bring on the future….let go of those you don’t need and let in those that will be good for you..the future is bright….changes are coming for everyone that did this today…


Maurice Nobrega

November 14, 2015

Just completed fire walking in Jersey with Mark Baker, am over the moon that I walked on hot coals at 600 degrees not only once but three times!.
Highly recommended for those of you who want to break down the barriers of life it will really change your attitude towards life and build confidence and challenge your

fears, Go on take the first step!

Sarah A Scott

November 14, 2015 · Saint Brélade

Thank you mark for an empowering talk and the fire walking has reinforced my already growing positive attitude. I recommend this to all.

Samantha Cadoret


November 14, 2015

Thank you so much to Mark and his team, I did my first Firewalk with my Husband tonight and it was truly awesome and also broke an arrow with my throat. I can do it…..I did it. Well done one and all. x


Fiona Murphy

November 15, 2015 · Jersey

WE DID IT!!!!!!! with Karma Murphy

Our first ever firewalk, absolutely crazy experience.
Massive thanks to Mark Baker for guiding us through, your life stories were so inspiring to hear.

Still can’t believe we walked on coal over 500 degrees!!! Not once but twice!!!

This is a awesome experience for anyone who wants to break through limiting beliefs and face your fears head on……….it ‘s all starts with the first step!!
Congratulations to all who shared the night with us. x


Maureen McCabe This can be a life changing experience. I have accomplished this Firewalk with Mark Baker on two separate occasions and albeit my reasons for doing it on each occasion were extreme the results were equally exhilarating empowering. Do it for you




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