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I hope I didn’t scare you away with the header Just Commit Already! The truth is this week has been quite challenging for me and I think it‘s incredibly important to bring it to the forefront and talk about itwith you! I have a number of female clients that I coach and this word “commit” seems to be the culprit that’s stopping them from doing so many incredible things. It‘s been frustrating for me because I can see how it‘s affecting them and their success.

I’m constantly hearing; “I don’t know, maybe,” “Let me ask and see what others think,” “I keep going back and forth,” “I’ll see what happens!” These phrases and more are the bane of your existence. Now I completely understand that committing holds a lot of weight. In a sense there is a feeling of “being tied too” “an obligation,” “no out.” However, the important thing about commitment, that we seem to forget, is the idea of accountability and decisiveness which equals forwardness!

When you make the choice to commit you are making a decision in your mind to move forward with whatever appropriate action. THIS IS HUGE! Having the ability to commit and say “I am going to do this” has proven to increase success both professionally and personally.

In a current article I just read, from The Little Things Matterit further backs up this point by saying, “A commitment is a binding pledge that obligates you to assume a position or carry out a course of action.  Making a commitment to what you do—whether in your personal life or your professional life—is one of the most fundamental principles of success.”

So I want you to ask yourself, do you have a hard time committing? Are you stopping your success and building barriers because “you’re scared to commit,” “you’re hesitant to take the risk,” or “you’re worried about the outcome.”

Commitment is a beautiful thing in both your professional and personal life! I can almost guarantee that you will instantly see results in your success, your visions, your relationship, and yourself! I encourage you to start committing today!

I hope you have a great weekend and I hope I sparked some reflection for you mid-week.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes:

Once a woman has made a commitment to a way of life, she puts the greatest strength in the world behind her. It‘s something we call heart power! Once a woman has made her commitment, nothing will stop her short of success! Vincent Lombardi

Guest Blogger, Nada Nasserdeen

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