#TheBQB Guest Blogger, Lorraine Pannetier, the Food Coach, Eat More Plants

IMG_0768Eat More Plants for Optimum Health and WellBeing

For over twenty years I’ve been teaching, sharing and writing about the benefits of including more
fruit, vegetables and plant-based foods into your daily diet. The science and research exists, and
is easily available thanks to the internet, to prove that regardless of which lifestyle you choose,
including plenty of fibre-rich, nutrient-packed plants is incredibly beneficial to your health and
wellbeing. A plant-rich lifestyle will reduce the probability of you developing heart disease,
cancer, diabetes or obesity, and will provide a whole host of benefits including improved sleep,
hair, skin, nails, memory, cognitive function, physical performance, motivation, energy levels and
much more. When you start to combine a plant-rich lifestyle with regular exercise and mindful
habits, you will be working towards achieving optimum health and happiness.
As a Food Coach and healthy cooking teacher, I have a unique approach to helping you achieve your health and well-being desires. Firstly, I don’t judge where you are now; I’m not about to berate you for eating a chocolate bar or crisps. What I will do is offer you more nutritious options,
however, my unique twist enables you to consider your big dreams (early retirement, living abroad, setting up an animal charity) and how these will make you feel. Once you have an emotional attachment to these dreams you will feel more empowered to make positive choices that enable you to get one or two steps closer to your dreams every single day. I also believe it is vitally important to teach cooking or food preparation techniques to enable you to create delicious meals and snacks effortlessly and feel totally confident in the kitchen. I teach my own creative home cooking style that has been refined over 25 years, and which has evolved in to a way of eating that is simple, abundant, colourful, nutritious, delicious and suitable for all the family as well as those with allergies and illness.
Three key words for me are Creativity, Connection and Compassion.
Creativity combines home cooking skills with an ability to whizz meals together in a short space of time with minimal ingredients or store cupboard basics. Creativity is essential when you first adapt to lots of plant-rich meals or a total plant-based diet as you literally have to begin an
adventure with fresh produce, herbs and spices in order to make a variety of dishes that will prevent you from getting bored or craving refined, processed foods.

Connection is all about living in the present moment, using as many senses as possible as you eat, being aware of nature and the world around you and feeling gratitude for all that you have.

Compassion for animals was the reason I initially chose a vegetarian diet at 15 years old.
However, compassion extends to humans and the environment too and I believe that the more love we show ourselves and each other can only be a good thing.

My new e-book Eat More Plants – for a creative, connected, compassionate life will be available from 1 April 2016. To receive advance details, please visit www.beetrootbrownie.com/ subscribe to add your name to my mailing list.



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