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Recently I moved back to the island after many years living abroad and in the UK Mainland. I made frequent visits to Jersey each year during this time and in maintaining close links with the island had always considered it home. As for my partner however this was a bold new move and so began my recent journey of seeing the island with fresh eyes as we explored together.

Several of our friends remarked how mad we were to come and live in the island and how they couldn’t wait to ‘get off the rock’. “Oh, but it’s so expensive” they cried. Yes, food and some utilities are however they are balanced by other savings and ease of lifestyle.

During my teenage years I couldn’t wait to leave and the yearning to explore the world along with the internal fear of ‘missing something’ pulled me away to fulfil my adventurous spirit. Now, coming back, those restless feelings are now replaced with a feeling of calm, seeing the island with renewed eyes and learning to enjoy the moment. Yes, that spirit of adventure is still there and the relentless search for what, I will probably never know, is the very thing that keeps me going. I have learnt that is in me and nothing to do with where I am.

A hundred cliches come to mind but it all comes down to one’s positivity. As humans we can be miserable anywhere. Offer the chance to live in Jersey to many people and they would take it without a moments hesitation. I understand that after a while little things start to grate, the unreliable links to the mainland, politicians decisions, the lack of competitive supplies along with the usual bugbears that any small community suffer from. Trade that in for the friendliness of the people, the diversity of the landscape, the relaxed pace of life that all contribute to making Jersey a very special place to live.

Stop and appreciate something good about the island, as in customer service, smile and you’ll be amazed by the power of positive thinking.

The consensus of opinion is that Jersey has the following bonus points –


  • A wonderful coastline and great beaches
  • A cosmopolitan feel to the island
  • It’s a very safe place to live and bring up children
  • There’s always something going on, be it a boat show or a charity fun run
  • No where is far away making day to day chores so much easier
  • The close proximity to the airport
  • In the summer the ability to head down to the beach after work/school

The commute Jersey

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