Thrive with The Hive, by moi, #TheBQB Jersey local author

Thrive with The Hive is “a practical guide to service excellence with lessons from nature’s most powerful business organisation – The Beehive”

In this book, The Busy Queen Bee takes a look at the importance to a successful business of its customers.  She uses a powerful analogy from nature, describing the work of the humble Bee and its ultra efficient work ethic.

This ‘bee book’ was born following a light-hearted moment when I remarked to a friend that I was just like the queen bee, and all my shoppers were my little bees, who go off and work for me and return with the pollen (results for our clients). The notion of ‘The Hive’ really appealed to me. So I began my research into the queen bee and her role in the beehive. I soon discovered a book called ‘The Wisdom of Bees’, by Michael O’Malley.

This was a total revelation as, being a beekeeper, O’Malley was able to talk in details about bees and, by looking hard at the hive, he created

25 lessons on what the hive can teach business about leadership, efficiency and growth.

I love the analogy of the queen bee leader and her harmonious groups of co-ordinated, efficient and productive bees. As such, in 2014, I re-branded myself as The Busy Queen Bee.  My mission as The Busy Queen Bee is to show businesses how crucial excellent customer service is, not just for individual businesses, but for a successful economy. For, if businesses thrive by providing excellent service, the local economy will thrive too.  Like those industrious insects, the bees, we all have a vital role to play.

The clues to their successes are to be found in their clever social organisation:

* They have clear objectives

* They are excellent communicators

* They are able to quickly take in and consolidate information and transform that information into co-ordinated action

* They are reliable workers that are very good at what they do

The concept of the beehive provides a systemic way of conceptualising the workplace and the institutional strategies and operations. The beehive shows us the power of working together to achieve goals; creating a harmonious hub where everyone plays their role in contributing to the higher mission.

This book provides my own version of easy, practical guidelines to businesses, large and small, to provide immediate and noticeable benefits. But it should also be helpful to bees in order to understand what part you are contributing to the achievement of the organisation’s goals.

We shall be looking specifically at the ten “buzz” words to follow to provide your internal and external customers with an unforgettable experience:

    1. Assess: Companies need, just like bees, to invest in developing their employees, understanding their customers’ needs, and continually innovating to keep up with today’s market demand.


    1. Develop: Developing simple, clear and effective systems is crucial for businesses to deliver good customer service consistently.


    1. Train: Once you have developed your own standards and you know exactly what type of service your employees should be delivering, you have to tell your employees about it and implement those standards. Training your employees isn’t just a need, it is a necessity. The importance of training your employees – both new and experienced – cannot be over-emphasized.


    1. Measure: Measuring the service you deliver will enable you to know where you are, understand your gaps and fill those gaps if necessary. It’s also a great way to celebrate success with your employees, and be sure to do so.


    1. Act: Businesses need to evaluate, respond and act, taking in new information, putting it to good use, and modifying or eliminating ineffective practices.


    1. Feedback: Listening to feedback from both internal and external customers enables a company to adapt to deliver better services.


    1. Consistency: The key to repeat business is consistency in both what you offer and how you deliver it. Businesses need to translate the brand promise into action and maintain consistent delivery of the brand experience.


    1. Value: Your workforce is your most valuable asset; the ability to leverage employee value and create job satisfaction now plays a more critical role than ever in a global economy. So, valuing your staff before your external customers boosts company morale, enhances productivity, lowers costs and drives revenue.


    1. Loyalty: Employee loyalty should be at the top of every business owner’s list, and the biggest secret is to give loyalty first. If you want employees to go above and beyond for you, you must go above and beyond for them. The way that small business owners can beat the big guys isn’t to compete with them on the things they are good at (e.g. low prices, logistics, etc.); it’s far more important to provide a level of service that your competition just can’t match: exceptional customer service and creating customer loyalty.


    1. Service Culture: Create a culture where the vision can become reality, and drive everything in your business with a customer focus. If we were to operate with only one best practice, this would be it. If all decisions, all services and all products were based upon a customer focus, customer service would be consistently excellent.

Ten simple steps for successful customer-centric businesses; to start changing the delivering of a service to actually providing, consistently, their customers with an unforgettable experience every time they walk through their doors.

I marvelled at the complexity and intellectual capacity of bees and soon realised that this methodology could also be applied to customer service. Furthermore, I wanted to create a guide that could help businesses to provide excellent customer service and, given that enterprise has recently been through one of the worst times in history, I knew this was the right path to follow.

And so, I did.

Almost three years later, 418 pages and 67488 words, I am delighted to be launching Thrive with The Hive, on Monday 8th February.

You can download your copy at

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Contact me on if you more details about Thrive with the Hive  or if you want to buy your own signed copy. You can also pick up a copy from the Jersey Chamber of Commerce, Cocorico or WHSmith.

Help me by spreading the buzz about this book on Twitter @cbsbusyqueenbee #ThrivewithTheHive

I hope you will enjoy reading the book as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it, enjoy your Customer Service journey with me and always find “ways to buzz”.


download thrivwiththehive

or contact me on if you want your own signed hard copy.

Help me by spreading the buzz about this book on Twitter @cbsbusyqueenbee #ThrivewithTheHive

I hope you will enjoy reading the book as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it, and make sure you always find “ways to buzz”


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