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Why  Facebook Isn’t Working For You And What To Do About It?

Whatever your business it’s likely that your customers and potential customers use Facebook.  It makes sense to jump in and set up a business page, post about your products or services and wait for the money to roll in. At the very least pique some interest!  For most businesses the cold harsh reality is that their Facebook page doesn’t deliver  extra footfall or leads.  They feel ignored and rejected, interest is loss and effort withdrawn.  So why isn’t it working?

Your fans aren’t seeing your posts!

Your posts will be delivered to fewer than 5% of your fan base due to  an algorithm with thousands of different criteria that dictates who sees your content. There is a good reason for this, every day there are 1500 updates waiting for you when you log on to your Facebook account. There are only so many articles, sausage leg beach photos and cat videos we can cope with. Facebook’s algorithm endeavours to deliver you only interesting and relevant content.  If you are posting up content on your page that isn’t getting interactions then Facebook will stop showing it to your fans.

What To Do About It


Facebook optimises for the end user, you and me, checking out our friends baby pic, their latest exotic getaway or cute cat video.  Facebook wants to ensure we hang out there as long as possible and while we are there click on posts from Pages that we find interesting.  If you want to get those clicks on your Page posts you will need to put your hand in your pocket. Investing in advertising will push your content in front of a wider audience.

Your ad budget doesn’t have to be huge, you can promote your content for a couple of pounds a day and get results. By using the targeting on the  Advert Manager you can make sure your content shows up in the newsfeed of your ideal customer.

Focus On Your Audience

Facebook pages used solely as a distribution channel for your company press releases, stuff you want to sell or product descriptions isn’t going to win much engagement.  Treating your page as advertising space is dull for everyone.  Bored people aren’t going to engage, no engagement results in less people seeing your updates.

Keep in mind what your target audience would find interesting. If you are an estate agent your audience may be interested in home improvements, gardening or interior design. If you are a personal trainer  share content about healthy eating or easy healthy recipes.

Be Consistent

Being busy running your business can mean that the last thing you think about is what to post on your Facebook that day.  A lack of consistency in posts will negatively impact how many people will see your content. Experiment with the number of posts you do and when you send them. Post at least once a day to make sure you are reaching as many fans as possible.

It can be a struggle to think of new content every day so set aside time to plan your content and put it in a content calendar.  Then use the Facebook scheduling tool so you avoid forgetting when you are busy with something else. I use the Hubspot free Social Media Content Calendar.

There is a misconception that using Facebook for business is easy, it’s not uncommon to feel as if  you aren’t  getting anywhere. Make some changes to your content and spend on advertising and you will start to see a difference.

Katherine, from Marketingmy, is a specialist in social media and has extensive marketing experience in a wide range of industries. In addition Katherine owns her own boutique, Plums Lingerie.

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