Learn from your customers’ feedback

Bees never complaint, they work relentlessly every hours of the day to make this delicious honey. But sometimes giving some feedback is good, if you go in a restaurant and you thought the food wasn’t good or the service wasn’t friendly, how are they going to be able to do something about it if you don’t tell them?

More than half of people now complain all or most of the time if they are unhappy with a product – an increase of 18% in 5 years. Complaining has become so prevalent, that two thirds of people now believe that we are better at it than before. But it is age over youth and inexperience, which increases the chances of making a complaint according to this year’s National Complaints Culture Survey (NCCS). Two thirds of those over 50 complain all or most of the time if they are dissatisfied, while the under 21s are the least likely to complain.” – BBC News 2006.

Giving feedback constructively is the best way to help businesses to make changes, to ensure they are at their best all the time. By analysing customer complaint and feedback data organisations can:-

  • Understand customer issues and needs
  • Identify and remedy the root causes of poor service delivery
  • Improve service and product performance
  • Influence customer loyalty and satisfaction

So, once you have received that feedback, make sure you first acknowledge your customer and thank him for his time to give you that feedback, your customers will expect:

  • Adequacy/fairness of the outcome: both the problem solution and fairness of any compensation
  • Access: ease of finding a competent contact person
  • Friendliness: politeness, courtesy, communication style
  • Empathy: willingness to take the customer’s perspective, including understanding the customer’s annoyance
  • Individualised approach to complaint handling
  • Visible effort to solve the problem
  • Active feedback, including notification about procedures, delays and decisions
  • Reliability: keeping promises
  • Speed of response: reaction to complaint and resolution

Feedbacks are a valuable source of improving your service and reputation. Handled promptly and efficiently can save time and money and will prevent a feedback from escalating unnecessarily to a formal complaint.


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