Winter Bee Blues

Today is, according to researchers, the most depressing day of the year. The world health organisation says that in 2030 this will be the biggest concern, so now is the time to act and be rid of the stigma that effects so many people.

So, how are you feeling today? Did you wake up thinking how lucky you are to be alive or would you rather have stayed in bed and hibernate for the rest of the winter?

Well, I thought the bees hibernated, but in actually fact they don’t; they are the only species that overwinters as a colony; they don’t go dormant, but they gather in the middle of the hive and form a winter cluster, which is a bit like a huddle in football. Their main job in the winter is to look after the Queen Bee, to keep her safe and warm; they have to generate enough heat by vibrating their wings to live, so they need a minimum population of bees and plenty of honey, their energy source.


I guess it is like us humans, when it is cold outside, all we want to do gather our tribe, stick close to each other and keep ourselves warm.

But this is the problem today, not everyone is the lucky enough to have a close network to keep them warm, and there isn’t enough support for mental health services. Blue Monday Awareness Day campaign has been created to help others who feel the need, not to suffer in silence.

So, go on why don’t you do something for someone today? It may just be as simple as making a cup of tea, or just simply asking them how they are? Not only they will appreciate your attention but you will also feel good about it; it’s a win-win situation so what are you waiting for?

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