I started this blog last Monday and then Wednesday 7th happened… actually, before the shooting, my idea was to talk about relationships, and how important it is to create and build strong relationships, not only for business but around us, our friends, our families, our community, it is all about relationships.

When I looked at the gathering last Thursday in the Royal Square in Jersey, then the next day in Paris 3.7 millions people walking hands in hands, from all different parts of the continent, from all different religions, from all different skin colours; I felt very touched by the whole solidarity raised during this horrendous time and support for #JeSuisCharlie.


In his book, Tribes: We need you to lead us, Seth Godin says: “Human beings can’t help it: We need to belong. One of the most powerful of our survival mechanisms is to be part of a tribe, to contribute to (and take from) a group of like-minded people.”

It’s true, isn’t it? when you are surrounded with people who will help you, who will trust you and who you will trust, surrounded by people who will pick you up if you fall or just be there if you need to talk, you will then be able to try anything because you know they are there for you; our survival depends in trust and in relationships.

So if you are still undecided as to what should be your 2015 New Year resolution, don’t look any further and make “building your tribe” around you a priority. Connect with new people, re-connect with old colleagues, nurture friendships, and attend networking events (of course, our Speed Buzzing events are just perfect for that…).

Build a real trust with your customers, your internal and external customers; make every effort to get to know them, who are they? what do they like? Send them a little birthday card or just go and shake their hand when you see them, those little details will make a big difference building that relationship with them.

Make 2015 your relationship year and see how fulfilled you will be.


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