A busy year for The Busy Queen Bee and her Hive…

Last Monday of the year and I guess a time to reflect on what a busy little year 2014 has been.



We launched new website www.cbscustomerservices.com with the help of Matt Chatterley from MattchedIT



We launched, The Hive: Jersey’s first business online forum, , enabling small businesses and sole traders to access business related information, network, share opinions, promote local business related events, help each other to be prosperous, and develop a powerful community spirit.



It was honored to win the Institute of Directors Director of the Year Awards. I am very lucky to do a job I love, with an amazing team of Mystery Shoppers and winning this award for the reward of 5 years of setting up the business, a night to remember that’s for sure.

We started Breakfast with the Busy Queen Bee, a casual coffee morning at Cocorico, every Tuesday morning from 8am-10am, just another excuse to network with like-minded people.

I was also a keynote speaker during our MSPA Conference in Athens, and talked about the “Challenges of being a Mystery Shopper in a Small community”, great subject with many challenges but such a rewarding outcome.



We were finalist at The Awards for Enterprise for Small and Medium Sized Enterprise of the Year, we didn’t win that one, but the process of applying for the award was an eye opener and a good way to realise what we actually had achieved in 5 years, I would recommend it to anyone.

We also partnered with Jackie Beckford, Window Dresser Specialist and launched a new Window Dressing Service, helping businesses to tell their stories by using creative visual merchandising; which will make businesses stand out from the crowd and inspire customers to come in through their doors and find out more about them and their products.



We had our first Web Buzz event with speakers: Matt Chatterley from MattchedIT, Arlene Maltman from AM Copywriter, and Stacey Yates from Storyteller, an informal evening discussing the importance of an online presence.

I was a keynote speaker with the CI Change “How to survive and thrive during turbulence change and confusion” this was a very well attended and though provoking event.



We launched the buzzing Speed Buzzing events; 60 minutes to connect with 19 businesses and to Grow your business by growing your local network; from lead generation, to breaking down barriers, or developing future collaborations. I would like to thank all the team at The Club Hotel, who have been wonderful looking after us.



We celebrated our 5th Business birthday, a good time to thank our special Mystery Shopping team and our loyal customers, partners and all the people who have helped us along the way.

We also partnered with Smart Office, who offers Virtual Assistance and fit perfectly with our Customer Service Support Outsourcing Service we offer.



Another keynote speaker presentation, this time with the Customer Service Awards, which is very close to my heart, and I will never get tired to talk about “The importance of looking after your Internal and External Customers”.



Our Media Buzz event was buzzing and we managed to get all of Jersey’s Media in one place, including

Creating a special networking evening at Digital Jersey, enabling businesses to connect directly with the media and be able to create their 2015 media campaign.



Speed Buzzing was still going strong and our colleagues from Freedom Media did a fabulous Speed Buzzing Video, you won’t want to miss an event after you have seen it…

We partnered with Clarimed, a specialised Medical Training company which you will hear more in January when we launch our new “Medial Customer Experience Programme”… will keep you posted.

Also, the WellBeing Magazines arrived on the island, and I couldn’t help picking a copy up and having a good read through it, what a fabulous edition, here is the online copy if you haven’t see it yet.


Well, as you can see we have had a busy year, but there is a lot more coming up from The Busy Queen Bee in 2015, so keep yourself on our mailing list  or follow us on

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And I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful and prosperous New 2015 Year.


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