Develop your Bees

So, I have decided to finish my Chartered Institute of Marketing certificate, CIM with the Professional Academy. I did start it 4 years ago and successfully passed two modules, but after a few months between running the business, the children, the house, it just got too much and I had to stop my studying.

It was actually really challenging to get back into studying, I don’t know if you have done that yourself, but I didn’t find it easy, when I look at my little bees and how they develop themselves, their work life begins with the safest, easiest jobs within the hive and advances to the most difficult, dangerous jobs outside the hive, I think we should all make more effort to develop ourselves, to push those boundaries and businesses should give more opportunities to their employees to develop themselves.

The States of Jersey has created a new training scheme called the “Skills Accelerator”, the Skills Accelerator scheme provides grants to give skills training to employees, with the aim of making a difference to sustainability or development of the local businesses, employers can then get a grant of up to 75% of the training costs. What a perfect opportunity for small businesses to give their employees the tools to develop themselves and ultimately bring progression in the business.

In the hive, bee’s developmental progressions and movements are stimulated by the colony needs, in real life, businesses need to constantly develop their products, services and employees to ensure they can deliver and consistently exceed their customers’ expectations.

 Richard Branson says: “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”


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