A New Hive

Wednesday 3rd September and our Jersey children are back to school. It is always a buzzing time, but this time probably even more so. My oldest son is in his last year of secondary school and my youngest is starting her first year there.

New school, new friends, new teachers, do you remember that feeling? I do… it was daunting but exciting at the same time, and just like the bees when the hive is no longer sustainable, they will have to produce a new colony, because two hives are clearly better than one. The old queen is taking a number of younger bees with her and then they will begin the process of building up the new hive once the site is found.

Building a tribe around us whether it is at school or at work, that circle of trust, is crucial for our wellbeing. If we are surrounded by people we trust and who share the same values we will instantly feel comfortable, happy and will thrive in all situations.

So, in business and in personal life, surround yourself with people who want to be around you, who genuinely want to do business with you and filter out the negativity and build relationship and do everything in your power to surround yourself with the right people.

The Beehive illustration

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