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So, last Tuesday was Jersey’s very first Speed Networking event, and I can say it really Buzzed.

When I first set up my business five years ago, I remember going to a Speed Networking event organised by Jersey Enterprise at the Hotel de France. The place was packed and I met so many people in such a short time, it was great to get myself connected with so many people in such a short time. Nothing like this has been done since then, so I wanted to give businesses the perfect opportunity to meet and make new connections in an effective way.

Just like the Queen Bee in her beehive, I am very lucky to have made some incredible connections with several small businesses and sole traders over the last 5 years. As a result, I have created my own little network of people to whom I ask for help if need be, share ideas or work on project together. So, I really wanted to help local businesses to increase their network and create their own little tribe around them.

Speed networking definitely work; it is a fun, energetic and quick way for local businesses to build a wider network and create relationships with a wide variety of people. Networking is about connecting, it is about enhancing your own individual potentials by sharing knowledge, ideas and resources. Even if you think that the person seating in front has nothing in common with you or couldn’t help you in anyway, you will be surprised and never who they know, and who they may be able to recommend your services to.

So don’t wait to become part of the Jersey Buzz, and book your place now for the next event on Tuesday 9th September at The Club Hotel;

Espresso Speed Buzzing, between 8am-9.30am.

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